Um, oops. So also, Evie’s Job is now on Amazon…

Um, yes, slight oops.  Evie’s Job is now on Amazon too.  And has been for a week.  Which is why tidying the website…  which, um, I probably should have actually said in the post just before… so um, welcome to my disorganization…

So, yes…  Evie’s Job has been on Amazon for a week, apparently.  Which I didn’t know, but now I do.  Slightly embarrassingly.  Because, which I think I’ve said before, someone else has to do my Amazon because you need a US bank account to publish there, which not being an American, I don’t have…  so someone else does that for me, who is kind and wonderful and lovely to even bother, and that is why the delay in Evie’s Job going up, because that person is busy and has a life beyond attending my every need – so unfair – and that is also why the delay in me finding out.  And because they are a forgetful dick, and didn’t say because they were away, apparently :)

Um, I mean, thank you I am very grateful.  Hi dude!  Wave!

Anyways, so it’s there now finally, and sorry for the delay if you were waiting, which also means that very soon, like as soon as I stop writing this post, I’ll put it onto Smashwords so it’ll also be there and at Apple and wherever also.  Because the plan was waiting for Amazon, which takes a day or so and as has been mentioned, I in fact can’t do, because the idea had been it going up both places at once.  Or almost at once.  But never mind and sigh.

Anyways, its there now!  So that’s nice!  Yay!

And also, have a linky!  American Amazon and British Amazon too!

So yes.  And apparently people are actually buying it!  Squee of yay!  Which is very nice!   Like it got to number 2 in Lesbian Romance on UK Amazon and I think maybe still is, right now?   So omg and breathless whatever…  like just wow, and that’s very very wonderful and I am very grateful and just, thank you heaps British people!  Yay!

But this is all rumour because I’m not actually allowed to look because apparently there’s also a shitty review, which will cause batshit and meltdowns, and that’s also part of why I didn’t get told right away.  So, um, that.  Welcome to my weirdo little world, as well as my collective disorganisation.

So um, also, slightly tricky…  so there’s another thing this post is about…  and I’m not sure if I should just ask this, and don’t know if anyone will care or mind.  And also, I don’t know quite how Amazon works, but it sounds like you can do reviews without actually buying things or paying for stuff.  Apparently?   Anyways, so I just wondered…  like if anyone who read it on Wattpad or has it from Amazon or wherever, and felt like going and saying something unspiteful on Amazon I’d be really grateful…  like just to balance the hater out?  If you didn’t mind?  I mean, even though I won’t actually know, because I’m not looking, ever, and am making myself not be tempted, because that just won’t end well…  So I won’t know, but I’ll be impossibly grateful anyway if you did… is kind of what I mean.

Does any of that actually make sense?

Um, anyway.  That’s enough about that.  Smashwords soon.

Updatey footnote for pedanticness: actually a US, UK, EU, Canada, Japanese, whatever bank account, none of which I have, or yep, you can get posted a paper cheque, but since that would mean actually a third of it went to bank fees for banking an overseas paper cheque which seems kind of self-defeating, this is easier since I can this way!  Even if sometimes there are delays…  :)

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    • oh thank you :) and also, lallalalaaaalaa um this is me trying to so fingers-in-my-ears-don’t-tell-me over the internet… like i haven’t looked so don’t say please please please because it’ll just fuck me up if i actually know… but um, thank you!

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