The Official Current Daily-Writing Book(s)

So just to explain in case anyone here isn’t over there and hasn’t noticed…

Um, I’m back on to doing books rather than short stories.  The stories were just, um, I don’t know actually…  because it suddenly just happened?  Because how I have less control over this whole thing than everyone seems to expect, and so on.  And because writing to a kind of daily deadline seems to actually work quite well, and makes me get stuff done, so if I can do one lot of 1000 words that way, why not try and do more?

So I will, at least until it gets too much and my brain explodes or something.  Even though these will be more “up to 1000 words”, like housemates was, rather than “at least a 1000 words” like Evie’s Job turned into.  Because I wondered if that’s why Evie’s Job got a bit long in places.

So anyways, these…


As Darkness Falls

This one I’ll do every day, but just to say again, it isn’t smut, so that maybe something you need to know.  A couple, one of which is an abuse survivor, consider revenge killing.  And the blurby…  When she was a child, Zoe was raped by her father.  Now, years later, he is being released from prison.  Zoe’s girlfriend Sara loves Zoe with all her heart.  She loves Zoe so completely that she would do anything for Zoe.  She would kill for Zoe if she had to.  And then Zoe actually asks her to.  She asks Sara to help her kill her father, and Sara realizes she could, that she is capable of it, and that she might be able to get away with it, too.

Um, this is just on Wattpad because doing daily updates is much, much easier than here :)


Love Letters that aren’t about Love

Which is trying to be every day, but sometimes takes slightly longer because it’s a bit tricker to write.  So a weird mix of a novel and short stories.   Emma writes Alyssa dirty emails that are usually stories, and tries to decide if she wants to have an affair.  This is the smuttiest of the current ones, just in case that matters to any of your perves :)

And this is on Wattpad because it has been for ages!


Islands in the Sky

SFF of some sort, probably fantasy, because there’s magic…  or is there, because it’s a dystopian future version of our world after a magical apocalypse, so perhaps what they all think is a magical disaster is actually a technological collapse and the myths about that… oh except how the world consists of islands of the earth’s crust floating three miles in the air…  no I don’t know which it is either.

On one island, Sema, a farm girl, watches as her family are killed by pirates. On another, in a city, a thousand miles to south, Cassa is about to marry a man she does not love because she doesn’t love men at all.

Although, to be honest, I just wrote the Cassa part of the blub for the sake of it because omg meeting each other and falling in love and all that stuff…  but I have no idea who Cassa is or why or whatever so yeah..  um…  we’ll see?  Once Sema’s more, um, immediate problems are dealt with…

Immeadiate problems like pirates and murder and starvation…   oh just go look, it’ll make sense then.

On Wattpad and also on here because I suspect Wattpad people who know me aren’t especially SF-ish and maybe people here are!   I’ll update the page here in chunks probably, like maybe weekly, unless lots of people suddenly start reading it…  so Wattpad is fresher, is what I mean.


The Debt Collectors War

Because SFF is overrun with books called “the something’s war” so I will too!  Ha!   Near-future SF, about mercenaries looking for a missing heir in the usual corporatey nation-less free-markety world.  One in which the Afghan war is still going on, but in which the US has collapsed because of a debt crisis and is being debt-collected on by private banks from China.  And also, this is the start of what was Edges of Empires, because I wanted to come back to that, just without the torturey end which everyone hated.  So, um, this will be redoing that, but with an actual story.  But I won’t add to this every day because trying to do three at once is probably enough, but it’ll keep going as I think of stuff.

Yep I know there should probably be an apostrophe.  It just looked bad on the cover :)

On Wattpad and also on here too.



So yep, that’s the plan for next little while!

And you’d get pictures of covers, except I still haven’t fixed that… um…

And also you can say book now.  That isn’t scary any more.  I think I said that before, actually.

And also, yep, this is a bit because the last post and whatever and looking around for something else to see if I can fit into that.  So time for a more serious go at SFF.   And also, yep, this mostly means probably no more short stuff here for a while, because this will get a bit busy, so maybe I’ll go quiet.  But there will be stuff, just not short stuff, so yay!

And because Love Letters is really short stuff anyway.

And last, also thank you for looking and caring and everything, too…  like I really appreciate it, even if I get sad and whiny and grumpy sometimes :)   So I’m not sure who’s just here and who’s on Wattpad too, and half the time it’s like “oh right, that’s you” when someone says, so, um, thank you.  I mean, if I haven’t yet or before or whatever…  like thank you heaps, to you personally, for looking at this and wanting to read stuff and being nice too.  So that’s all really…  just thank you, because I forget to say that enough :)

Okays, now I go and write some stuff :)