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Um, cause someone said about how weirdly formally everyone undresses in smut, um, this…  smut where no-one undresses!



Norwegian Orgy

Erika went to meet the women she had found on the internet. She went to a particular layby on the side of an empty country road, a long way from anywhere.

They met, twenty of them, driving up and parking and getting out of cars, and hugging and kissing and sometimes shaking hands. Some had been here before, and some were new, here their first time. It was a thing to do, something fun.

They met to have sex, and they all did it with all their clothes on.

It was Norway in winter, and already dark at three in the afternoon. And they were only meeting to use their hands on one another, as they’d all agreed. It was an orgy, but a safe, polite orgy. It was an orgy for people who wanted to be with a lot of new people, but not to take risks.

They all met, and touched and kissed and whispered, and had lots of sex by torch-light, but they only undressed the smallest amount possible. Erika undid their thick padded ski trousers, and pulled people’s hands down inside them. She leaned on a picnic table, kissing and smiling, and feeling their fingers slipping inside her thick trousers and woollen long-johns, and then inside her.

She had sex with a lot of people. They all had sex with a lot of people. She had fun, feeling so many new fingers, hearing so many new sighs of pleasure, tasting so many new mouths.

She had sex with a lot of people, and she didn’t take her woollen hat and scarf off the whole time, but she still felt slightly cold when she was done.

When they were, they all shook hands and put their gloves back on and got back in their cars, and drove away. They all went back to their lives, and agreed to meet up here again in a month, and do it all again.


5 thoughts on “Random Story

  1. A fun time was had by all!

    I liked how it flies in the face of all that overly detailed undressing and gives a raspberry. :)

    Here is your next assignment, Tess, should you choose to accept it, haha.

    Is there such a thing is the curse of cunnilingus interruptus? For example…

    Suddenly, there was a knocking at the door.

    “Just ignore it.”

    Knock knock knock.

    “They’ll give up and go away.”

    Knock knock knock knock knock knock-

    “God fucking damnit I’m COMING already!” she says, gently prying her lover’s face away and getting up to put on a dressing gown.

    “Not any more, you aren’t,” her lover reflects wryly, wiping her lips and getting up off her knees to do the same.

    I guess it’s sort of a subversion of reader expectations, but also reality versus fantasy (as in the imagined ideal version of events). So I thought you might like it!

    • i do!! and you should write it! ha, i turned that back on you :)

      but like really, um, put this on yours, and then write it as an actual funny thing, like with this happening over and over, lots of times? maybe?

      because it’s a clever idea, like for vaguey-fantasy, if you see what i mean, like lit-magical-realism stuff, so i shouldn’t steal it is all… :)

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