Random Idea: Ebooks with Dirty Bits Linkys

So this is just a random idea, but maybe it’s useful to someone…

If a book is ebook-only, and the ebook reader its on can do linkys outside the book to a website, as in, show the web page on the actual reader without losing the place in the book or anything, then you could write, say, a PG13 book that every so often, like when characters hooked up, said, “this scene can be read in more detail on an external website, click here”, or whatever.  And then if someone does, they see an expanded, more explicit, R-rated version of the hookup scene.

Does that make any sense?

As in, read book, read book, dirty bit starts, click to website, read smut, go back to book and keep reading.

Because it seems like that would be good for two things.  First, in shops, the book wouldn’t get hidden off in erotica and R-ratedness, and second, people who don’t want the smutty don’t have to look, but everyone else can.

It just seems like maybe a more elegant way than having separate PG13 and R rated versions, like films do?  Because I still have a faint squick about all that kind of censory stuff, because it seems weird to me, because I’m not from the same country as all the bookshops that get all weirded and prudish about sex.  So it seems like this might be a less awful way to cope with the awfulness of characters actually having sex than to R-rate everything.  Well, except how that might be kind of annoying to keep going backwards and forwards to a website…  I guess that could be a nuisance.

But anyway, I just thought that was a clever idea.  Here internets, its yours.  Please use it!  I mean, if anyone wants to :)

Um, wait…  actually I probably should have tried to patent the idea of “an ebook with a link to an external location”.

Sigh.  I’ll never be rich.

Oh well.

Anyways, I was kind of thinking about this for Islands in the Sky maybe, is all.  But then ideas keep happening with that, and stuff is taking longer, and I’m really not sure how long it will actually be before any hooking up actually happens, so never mind.  I’ll have forgotten by then.



2 thoughts on “Random Idea: Ebooks with Dirty Bits Linkys

  1. Here’s an idea back at you. E-books can link internally, or I think they should. So for example, after presenting the reader with the option to read the R-rated scene, when they’re done they could skip over the PH-13 scene in the book, because they’ve already read the more detailed version.

    Thing is though, direct linking from an e-book to content of a different rating might get some negative reactions. Whether people get curious and then wish they hadn’t, or someone complains of not being able to read all of it in their reader of choice, there’s always going to be someone with an axe to grind about new features.

    But equally, there are some people who will appreciate being able to skip detailed sex scenes, because they’re more interested in the emotional connection between the characters than the physical, or because they don’t want to get caught reading that sort of thing, and so on.

    • oh yep, it was the people wanting to read but not see the explicit i was thinking of. or with violent bits too, i suppose.

      and thank you with the linking back slightly ahead! now you can go get your patent too haha!

      i was thinking doing it so the ebook was still complete and the story still flowed and nothing important happened outside it that mattered… so the ebook is self-contained and a book, just the website bit was extras, was all. then i’d hope people wouldn’t care! but yep, it would maybe need to be on specific platforms where the linking did work, and just say you don’t get the extras on this… sort of like vinyl music with fancy art of itunes without it?

      but i’m not sure what do about people who look anyway and then are upset… like that’s always going to be a problem for me, i think… :)

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