New Islands in the Sky chapter ebook

So just in case anyone is desperately hanging out for an actual ebook rather than wattpad, the chapter two bit of Islands in the Sky is now on Smashwords.  So this is the part with Cassa’s wedding.

And actually, its also here too.  Um, because I hadn’t updated that in ages, but now I have.  Um, sorry?

And there’s a map, remember!

So.  It’s on Smashwords as reader sets price for no reason other than whimsy and reminiscence, because way back when I did that.  And because I need to keep remembering not to make it tricky for people to pay for stuff if they want, I guess.  Reasons like that. But please don’t feel obliged or guilted on anything, because obviously its still free, and obviously on Wattpad too, and especially if you’re actually reading this here!  Just don’t!

But it’s here.  It’s not on Amazon yet but it may be, but I’m just wondering whether it’s wise to spam Amazon with 99c partial ebooks or better just to wait and do a whole book at the end.  So I’m thinking :)

Um, 99c partial ebooks because Amazon doesn’t let things be free deliberately, you have to kind of trick the system and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, so it might end up not working.

Anyways, that!  And thank you :)

Update: Oh, and Debt Collectors War is updated to be current too.   And um, sorry about the huge chapters, but its boring making pages. So I didn’t, much!  Go read on wattpad if you want stuff to look tidy :)