Sometimes I Have A Slightly Surreal Life

So I just finished writing really graphic, filthy, bdsmy smut, and then I did the dishes.

Like not all the dishes, just the sticky pots and partner’s stupidly big wine glass which doesn’t fit properly in the dishwasher.  So it’s not like a huge chore or anything, but it’s still dishes.  Right after smut.  And for some reason that struck me as really quite weirdly surreal so I thought I’d share!

Um, I don’t completely know why surreal actually…  kind of something about because how I took off rubber gloves to sit down and type this?  And because I’m going to do laundry in a bit, and then vacuum and mop, probably, and while I do that I’m going to think about filthy smutty filth, and then maybe write it down later on?

Or maybe I’ll think about how to deal with an arranged marriage in a flying city, maybe that.  One or the other.  Who knows?

But maybe it’ll be smut.

Like, I really do spend a lot of time thinking dirty stuff while I do ordinary things.  Like more than normal people do, I assume, and way more then I used to before all the writery.

And it seems like there’s something about the gloves and mopping and dishes that probably isn’t quite what you’re all expecting either, that’s all.

So I thought I’d say!  And I did!

Um, stopping now :)