And the Final bit of Islands in the Sky

Um, because I’m not completely sure who looks where and who’ll actually see this, but part four, like the end of the first book is on Smashwords now.  And the other places soon, probably.

But it’s only going to be there for a few days, like a week. So go get it if you want it!

Because the plan is to take those four free parts down, and put it all up as a single pay-for novel, like part one of the How to Make a Boat out of a Wardrobe Cycle or something.  So those four chapters are book one, and so is everything on Wattpad up to chapter five as well.

If that makes sense.

But get it now, like soon, because I am going to take it down again, because having separate bits of the same thing up twice is just confusing and weird and bound to annoy someone.

So, um, that.  That’s all!

Oh, also, I tidied up the SFF page here, because I forgot until just now.  After like a year.  Oops.  And sorry if that weirdly confused anyone who actually looked at it expecting actual information and stuff because they’d actually found Islands in the Sky and had no idea about the rest…  so, um sorry…

And now that’s all :)