Daily Prompts. Because Why Not!

So, um…  it’s kind of been a month since I did anything here, which is terrible.  Yes, terrible.  I am neglectful and I’m sorry.  Because yes, this mostly just stories now, but still…  that’s just lazy!

So I was going to do something anyways.  But then, weird coincidence, while not actually doing anything, I just found out about this.  Which is daily prompts from WordPress for blog posts.

So why not?

Um, meaning, back to the flash-fiction!  Yay!

So today’s prompt is apparently “waiting room” so I shall write a flash-fic short story about waiting rooms!

Waiting Room

I’m sitting in a waiting room.  Other than me, the room is empty.  This is only a small medical practice, and the nurse who is also the receptionist is in with one of the doctors and a patient, holding scalpels or whatever it is the nurse does to help.

I sit for a while, bored, and because I’m bored I start getting horny.

I squeeze my legs together.  Yes, like that.  I squeeze, and it feels nice.  After a while, I shift slightly, crossing my legs more tightly, so I can feel the squeeziness better.  I sit for a while, squeezing, and then I start to bounce my foot, slowly, idly, how I hope looks like I’m just feeling impatient rather than anything else.

Now, I’m not bored any more.

Eventually, the receptionist-nurse comes back and tells me I can go through.  She gives me a look as she does, and it’s only then that I realize that a doctor’s office might not be the best place for discreet masturbation, because people here probably know how bodies work, and notice things like that which other people don’t.


Except you’re my doctor, and we’re only meeting for lunch, so even if you realize I’m weirdly turned on, it doesn’t really matter.  You’re used to me by now.

We might even have a quickie.

I go in, and kiss you, and say hi.  And you look at my face, at my expression, and you suddenly look knowing.  You give me a look.  Just like the nurse.  And as it turns out, actually, it does matter.  Actually I’m really embarrassed.

Then you laugh, and kiss me, and tell me not to worry.  And then we go for lunch.

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompts. Because Why Not!

  1. What did I tell you about being sorry?! If you’re going to be sorry then have a real good reason for it. And you’re lazy. So what!? I’m lazy too ;) Nothing wrong with that. I’m just pleased when you do post but not expecting you to. You are, in my opinion, a damn good writer, one of the best I’ve read and even the best are aloud to have their downs. So please stop apologising and explaining. I’m just so pleased that you share you’re wonderful stories so that I can have the pleasure of reading them.

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