Short Story: Ardudunon and Iskamagos

So a story.  Which isn’t smut.  And probably I should have done this ages ago, but I didn’t and completely my bad.  This is for an anthology which promotes new writers, and is set in ancient Britain.

Um, so go look?  Maybe?

Anyways, the story is here.  Which is on the website.  And the anthology is here.  And please go look, because I think i was meant to kind of help promote it, and I failed miserably.  But there’s other people in it and so you should!

Thank you!

Update: apparently the anthology checkout thingy may not work, just to warn :)

4 thoughts on “Short Story: Ardudunon and Iskamagos

  1. It was lovely, Tess. Bittersweet ending, but the right ending for the story. And I liked the setting for it. There’s your feedback. :)

    I followed the link to the anthology, but there’s some sort of problem with the download and my browser freaked out about an untrusted connection. Oops.

    • oh thank you! for the lovely. yay! um, the setting being more your part of the world than mine though haha… :)

      with the anthology page, um i haven’t tried, so i’m sorry it didn’t work… but i guess from the look of it the shopping cart maybe might not completely up with certificates and stuff? oh well. um, there’s links on that page to people’s wattpad profiles, though, which is probably the main thing! and thank you for looking though!

      • Yep, that’s probably what the problem is.

        Honestly, I’m still working on the fantasy/adventure thing. It’s been on the shelf for most of the year and I finally got around to (re)working on it in the past couple of weeks. I’m glad to have a semblance of an update schedule now – that is, I hold onto one thing as a buffer until I’ve finished another thing. So, the quicker I finish stuff, the quicker things get updated.

      • yay! um, for the schedule and starting again, not for broken websites… um…

        but yay, that’s good, that you started again… when i’m not being all the drama and blah, a schedule helps for me, so maybe you too? for whatever that’s worth :)

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