Debt Collectors War is on Amazon and Smashwords

Um, also, the thing I actually sat down to say…

Debt Collectors War is now an ebook on Amazon and Smashwords.  And the rest of the places when it gets to them! This is the near-future military SF thingy with mercenaries and evil corporations and the US government collapsed in a debt crisis.

And it isn’t smut :)

It’s still on wattpad, so don’t unless you feel you must!  And the wattpad one is mostly the same as the ebook, but with me going through and editing the ebook version a bit after the version that went up first on wattpad.  So with a few mistakes fixed, and with maybe a thousand words taken out and another thousand changed, I think.

And with US spelling.  Because colour is a typo, obviously.

Anyways, this is just to say in case anyone is interested!

So now that’s said.  Um, back to Lace and stuff about publishing!

2 thoughts on “Debt Collectors War is on Amazon and Smashwords

  1. ROFLMAO US collapses in debt crisis. We are so damned close to imploding the world banking system, and you used it in a plot. I absolutely love it!
    Regards — A.V. Roe
    (Disregard stopethanol, that is my wordpress blog account for the stupid ethanol policy here in the US.)

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