Ego-Post: Linky to A Review

Um, so I’m slightly hesitant about doing this, like posting links to reviews of me, because it seems kind of egoy.  I mean, if they’re good ones, anyway.  And also how I won’t usually know anyways, because I spend all my time actively avoiding seeing reviews.  Um, that too.

But I felt awful about this one, because Martin went to all the trouble to write a really long review and told me and then Amazon took it down.  So I will.  Just this once.

But it’s still egoy.

He’s nice, and said stuff about things, and there’s a copy on his blog here :)

Okays, going away now.

Embarassed Update: um, yep, I did just post that without a title.  Sorry twitter and tumblr and everything.  Um, call me flustered and now it has one!  Sorry!

And another because I just read it again: oh, wait, also, I gave him a coupon because he said he wanted to read it and wattpad was tiresome to use offline, that was all!  I wasn’t out begging for reviews or anything, because that would be completely wrong when I don’t back!  And yep, basically everything about even doing that got weird!  Sigh.  Okay really going now…