Oh, and also, Islands is Now a Serial

Sorry I forgot on the last one…  um, while there’s announcements or whatever going on, Islands is back into separate bits and in Kindle Unlimited too.

And also, hi if you read SFF and find this later by googley!  Um, there’s a page here explaining, or if you don’t want to see the smut!

So anyways, I was thinking about this, and I think I’m going to go back to doing Islands as a serial, so 10K to 20K short pieces, and calling them episodes, and putting them out that way.  As in, saying Episodes and Seasons just to no-one gets confused.  Because it makes sense to me, so obviously it will to everyone else!  Ha!

So Season 1 will be what’s written already, and is on Amazon now.  So there are four episodes in season 1, which are basically the original shorts that went up on Smashwords.  And the plan at the moment is there will be more next year, and also, nothing changes, like with putting them on Wattpad daily and then making ebooks later.

And yep, doing this is partly some marketing outreach KU hoping-for-an-audience thing, but it’s actually mostly just because I think I liked the story and structure and everything better that way.  So artistic integtrity!  Like the smaller bits, and also potential for it actually eventually being this million-word epic thing that kind keeps going forever, like a 10-volume fantasy series, but without the tiresome need to stop at page 500 and start a new book every so often.

Because I do kind of like how ebooks make that possible.  Like a series not limited by paper and printing needs and everything.

So anyways, if you are in KU and would like to look, they’re here –

Episode 1: Dirt
Episode 2: Weddings
Episode 3: Trade
Episode 4: Birds

And also, Season 1, um, which is basically Islands the original book, is here.  Also in KU.

That’s all!   Sorry to keep advertising at you!