So I put some stuff on literotica, really just to see.  Mostly because someone else on another blog said about it and I remembered!  And yep, I should have ages ago, but its just that their sign-up page the first time I looked anxietied me a bit because its kind of nosey.  Yes, like about the obvious things which I’m a little uncomfortable answering.  Because labels.  Because too specific.

So anyways.  I looked again and realized oh wait, actually, those aren’t required questions.  So maybe I should.

And then, because I was thinking that, I did!

So stories are here.

But just to say, these are all old!  Like, older stuff that is already on here, or is free ebooks on Smashwords.  So please don’t get excited!  It’s just to have things up in different places is all.  So there’s no real reason to go running off there, and this is mostly just saying in case anyone is on there, and suddenly sees it, so you know that it isn’t new stuff.  And also, basically, what is on there is a bit disorganised at the moment, so a mix of stuff from here and the other one, and shorter and longer, because I’ve no real idea what people like to read there.  Although it seems kind of way kinkier than I usually am, so it probably doesn’t matter! But mostly just kind of randomly chosen.  And at the moment comments and anonymous talking to me and everything is off, because, um…  well… its me…  But votes are on, because ego.  But I might maybe turn off the voting if that gets weird.  Maybe.

So anyways, that’s all. Just to say.

And yes, this was kind of a weird post.  Like, hi this is an announcement that there’s nothing to announce.  That, basically.

But also, if you just got here from literotica, um, hi and thank you and welcome!  Because it seems like some of you are turning up!  So that’s really kind, and thank you, and just to say clearly, because everything here is completely disorganized because reasons, um, gxg is here, bxg is here, and confessional-bdsm-whatever is here.

And thank you to the people who are looking!

2 thoughts on “Literotica

    • hey dude, and thanks for all that you said, and i’m sorry i snipped it but it just got a detailed and bit intense… like there’s some stuff in there that maybe shouldn’t go up here is all… but thank you for saying and i’m glad you liked :)

      um, just to say though… those stories were from a couple of years ago, is all, so i hadn’t done any more on them as a series i’m sorry… so i hope that’s ok.

      but thank you!

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