New Story (um, finally): Catch Me If You Can

So this was a thing I started ages ago, and then forgot.  Basically, after someone said nicely how Evie’s Job didn’t actually have anything much about Sydney in it, which is true for reasons, so um, this!  A scenic tour of part of Sydney in words, or something!  Which is finally now it is finished.

And here!

And yep they are Tamsin and Matilda because those are the most Australiany names I could think of quickly.  So ha!

Although, actually, thinking about that…  maybe I should do a story about Lachlan Macquarie and Matilda Cumberland-Woolloomooloo and the entire rest of the world will basically go what the fuck, are those real names, they can’t possibly be, and the Australians who read it won’t even notice.  Ha again!

And yep, I had to check how to spell Woolloomooloo because I am that shitty a speller with too many Ls and Os, and yes I can never remember its the last one that only has one L, but also, I don’t visit multi-million-dollar apartments so much that I need to memorize how to spell it to type it into GPS-es so it doesn’t really matter!

And also, what I took out of the story because I couldn’t make the joke actually funny is that where they end up, they’re basically almost looking at Finger Wharf.  So, um, yes.  It really is called that, oh my.  I guess old-timey people were either way dirtier or way more innocent than us, or something.

Anyways, the story is here.