Lazy and Apples and April (Why I haven’t written anything in ages)

Oh, and also, I know I went quiet again, and it started because dramas, but now its mostly just the mid-autumn seasonal-affective-disorder too-much-apple-sugar April glug.

I hope.  I assume.

Um, back soon, anyways.

And April-apple-glug because i just realized it happened last year too, so maybe its just me.  Which is a bit alarming, but never mind.

But nows I must go and write a thing for the other one.  And if you don’t know there’s another one, um…  read this first, but there is :)

4 thoughts on “Lazy and Apples and April (Why I haven’t written anything in ages)

  1. hope you are still eating your apple a day though, now that you’ve increased your dopamine receptor level by eating so many! which would explain lack of energy and motivation…..!

    • oh… really… like the sugar thing is actually a dopamine thing? as in, the sugar crash is actually a decrease in dopamine? yay!

      um, for knowing, not the actual glug :)

  2. Read some things in the “lust hurts” area. I had missed that before. Now I have difficulty standing.

    Good seeing you around again. I keep forgetting that you are in Autumn. (NOTE: I did not once use the “u” spelling of come in this reply.)

    [hey dude, and sorry, i kind of cut a big bit out the middle… like thank you for saying stuff, though, and i hope it’s okay to, it was just because here is faintly more g-rated ish than lust hurts… and yes i know totally my fault for not having comments on there, but just cause this is not all smut and vaguely like a professional page is all… so i hope that’s okay and thank you!]

    • oh wait… i just realized i wrote this in the comment, not as a reply, so if you have stuff set to tell you if there’s an answer to your comments you might not have seen it because there wasn’t one… so this is just so now there’s an answer in case that’s true…

      omg i think too much.

      anyways, answer!

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