Writery Stuff: Linky about Marketing (Um… Not)

So yes, this is actually not so much a clever and useful linky about marketing as one about why I don’t, and maybe people shouldn’t, and how maybe that’s okay because marketing, or at least social-media-type marketing, perhaps isn’t very useful for writers.

And mostly so how because of all that, I shouldn’t feel guilty because I don’t, and maybe you shouldn’t either if you do too!  Which is good, like not feeling guilty!


Um, seriously, because I think some people reading this are actually writers, like from back in the day maybe, although some people aren’t.  So if you aren’t, just ignore, but for the writers, um, this…

Please shut up: Why self-promotion as an author doesn’t work

Which is useful!  And actually did help.  As in, help with confidence and feeling less like I don’t do enough, rather than with the actual marketing.  Because it’s basically saying the “twitter doesn’t sell books” thing and also the “best marketing is write another book” thing, and I think maybe hearing those over and over, with convincing-ness, is actually very useful!

So here you go!

And yes, I know it’s maybe only telling me what I already wanted to hear, but that can be nice too!  Even if only for the less guilty-ness :)  But also, I think actually she’s right, and kind of explains better than I can what I was vaguely feeling but hadn’t worked out how to say.  And say properly.  Like with reasoning and evidence and stuff!  And in a lot more detail than I ever could.

Which is why just linking rather than trying to say it myself!

So yes, maybe less useful than actual marketing advice, but maybe actually more useful too, because it might help you not feel guilty or lazy or useless or not committed because you don’t bother doing social media as much as some people say you should.

Because for that, it helped me heaps!

And yes I know this is a blog and so social media.  But you know what I mean!

Anyways, that was just in case someone found it useful.  Except instead of just posting a link I went on and on.  Oh well.

Oh, and for credityness, this is from the Passive Voice, which is about the only booky thing I look at, but you should too!  Because useful!  And also, one day when I’m rich and famous he’s going to be my lawyer.  Not that he knows it yet haha.  And also, he is a fine example of how to just post a link and not go on and on and on about it…  um…  :)

Okays, so yes, now I should stop.

And so I will!

4 thoughts on “Writery Stuff: Linky about Marketing (Um… Not)

  1. I agree wholeheartedly. If readers are going to read your stuff, it’s going to be because it’s discoverable, not because you painted the internet equivalent of 10000 billboards with advertising.

    For example, you’re pretty well discoverable because you have this frickin’ big back catalogue of stories. :) If someone reads one, even if they didn’t quite like it, they’re going to know that you have more stories out there.

    And you know, having readers stop by and say hi and thank you is nice. It makes you feel good about writing more.

    • um… not especially discoverable haha.. but as much as there is, um yes, absolutely… like actually with the back catalogue it does actually work… like this is only on smashwords, and only on free stuff, but every time i put a new one up there’s a bump in all the older ones… i assume because each time a few new people see the new release page and then go and get everything else… so it doesn’t actually work for selling stuff, and it doesn’t neccessarily mean people are reading anything, but for downloads, which i can count, then yes!

      like the actual best way to success its probably to write for ten years without showing anyone anything and then publish one thing a day, every single day, for a year. after working out exactly what time of day the most people are looking for new stuff… or maybe shifting slightly to get people in different time zones…? maybe? because anyways, then you’d keep being just there, and noticed, until everyone was totally sick of you… oh wait…. :)

      also, haha you spell catalogue right! with a u! how civilised!
      see what i did there…?

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