Tiny Flash Fictions

I was just bored and blocked and tried this!  Um, stories as short as can possibly be…



Unlike Orpheus1, he did not look back.  It made no real difference.


Visiting the Fey

In the end, terribly hungry, knowing it is unwise, I eat a little of the food.  And although there must be an end to this story, as I sit here, chewing, I know I shall never know what it is.

Confessions in a Lifeboat

And then there were only two of us.  And in the end, hungry, I ate a little of the meat too.

10 thoughts on “Tiny Flash Fictions

  1. They’re short and sweet. :)

    I don’t know if this will help with the being blocked or just add more pressure, but here goes.

    While you’ve been absent from Wattpad, I’ve picked up stories written by other aspiring authors. [i cut a bit here sorry] That’s basically five or less writers that I know of, and only one of those seems to be updating regularly!

    So these days I’m reading a bit less and writing (or thinking about writing) more.

    [and from here]

    I did notice though that you posted a few new things over on Wattpad though, so yay! :)

    • eek sorry, i meant to un-hold this and answer and then i, um… didn’t? i’m sorry!

      thank you first! they were mostly just fiddling! but why not :)

      with the rest… um, thank you :) and also i took a bit out the middle of your comment because i wasn’t sure whether you might not want that on the internets forever? maybe? but um… i think technically wattpad is for drafts… which i can’t remember why i think that, but i’m sure it is… because that’s why i noticed it in the first place, way back when… so probably the difference is just i’m way too insecure to put up actual drafts, and also, my draft stuff wouldn’t make sense, because how it’s writen, well, like this… so that :) but that’s probably all… like people are posting works in progress, maybe, so they shouldn’t be read like they’re finished, maybe? and i guess also, sometiems stuff is just fun too, maybe?

      which i’m just saying real quick given what i just put up there, since once is “i met a famous person in a limo” and the other is called “adventures in heroland”… so not really super intense seriousness, is all!

      and sorry to edit your comment and i hope that’s ok…

      • It’s okay. I’m getting used to it. :)

        I guess if I’m being honest, I’m mostly annoyed at myself because I’m procrastinating over writing. And I’m procrastinating because I’m honestly not sure who reads my stories and cares about there being a continuation.

      • um, getting used to it…?

        but i completely get with self-annoyance about procrastination… like same, most of the time, when it doesn’t just work perfectly…

        um, with people reading, and wattpad at least, i never really see many people the first few days, and never a big number for weeks… which is why it sort of works for makign myself do it, because it really seems to need day after day of adding to it every day for people to notice or whatever? i’m not sure but just if that helps? maybe?

      • Getting used to having my comments moderated for content. It’s okay. I’m a forum moderator, so I sometimes have to remove or amend posts. So I appreciate you cutting the negative bits. And I should do something instead of just complaining. After all, I complain about not getting any feedback. :)

        So I was thinking, what could I do to get my stories seen, without being pushy? I have an author page on Facebook, and for whatever reason I like posting there, but I’m a bit reluctant to promote it. I’m not even sure what to say about it.

      • oh good, um, that you didn’t mind! and sorry again!

        and i completely get with the promoting reluctance… um, as may be obvious from here and how ads are basically “um, there’s a book…”! so sympathies! and same!

        and i don’t know if you’re actually wanting, well, suggestions… or if you’re just saying? but… um, for wattpad, i think the thing there is everydayness… like i think their algorithm for rankings works over the last three days somehow, so if you post every day it seems to put you in the rankings and then more people see? idk if that helps? but that doing daily one-page posts seems to work better than longer once-a-week ones?

      • Hmm. Well, I guess I’ll have to try that and see how it goes. I’m likely to just buffer up a lot of story and post it a little at a time, though. Which, if it works, is fine, but if people want to skip ahead they can always use the external link to hop over to the site and read it there. :)

      • in theory i try and have a buffer! um, i just don’t, actually, cause i’m disorganised and procrastinate haha!

        but i think a buffer would be a wonderful idea and everyone should have one!!

        um, with what you said… there’s also a thing of marketing for-sale books by putting a story on wattpad in very small parts, which links to where the rest can be read… um, like this… http://www.lindsayburoker.com/guest-posts/how-to-win-followers-and-influence-readers-on-wattpad/

        could you maybe do that with like a draft and final version, or something? i was just thinking to make it so there’s some difference… so put drafts on your website, so there’s more there if people don’t mind typos, and the final versions more slowly on wattpad after editing? or something? maybe?

      • oh, also a weird thing… that link says friday and saturday are the best times to post stuff on wattpad… but i actually don’t think that’s right? but that’s old so maybe it changed? idk, but i’ve just noticed way less people read stuff through friday to the middle of sunday, like consistently over months…

        um, this is my time friday to sunday lunchtime, btw, which is ahead of everyone else’s…

        but i suppose it might just be people who read me, maybe? in a complicated way i need to think about… ??

      • I already screen out typos while I’m writing. I’m kind of moving too slowly to post on site and then edit and re-post to Wattpad, also.

        I did do a little bit of self-promotion on Facebook the other day. Today I got a reply asking why all the stories are about lesbians. You can probably guess how I fielded that one. :)

        I’m not too fond of the idea of chopping a story into small parts to tease readers into buying. But I might hold some short stories back, sell them as a collection of short stories, and link to that in a sort of ‘if you liked this, then you might like these’ kind of way.

        Because short stories, oddly enough, seem easier to work on right now, I guess because I can get that self-affirmation for finishing them a lot sooner than with a novel, so there’s more motivation there? :)

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