A Slightly Unexpected Threeway

Tara was picked up in a bar by two men, Dillon and Blake. It took her half an hour to realise that they were a couple, and were both hitting on her, and it wasn’t just casual talking, or two guys both separately trying it on.

“You two’re married,” she said, feeling stupid, after Blake referred to Dillon’s parents as the in-laws.

They both nodded. Blake said, “We are.”

“But you’re trying to pick me up. Aren’t you?”

Dillon and Blake looked at each other. “Yes,” Blake said.

“Oh,” Tara said, a little surprised. She didn’t know what to think. “Why?”

Blake grinned. “Why does anyone try and pick someone up. Because we like you.”

“But you’re married,” Tara said.

Dillon nodded.

“Oh right,” Tara said, hoping she didn’t sound quite as silly as she thought she might have. “Yeah, I see.”

“Is that a problem?” Dillon said, looking at Blake. “We’re both here. We’re not cheating…”

“No,” Tara said. “No, I suppose you aren’t, really.”

They both grinned.

“So back to why?” Tara said.

“We like you,” Blake said.

“Yeah, but you have each other, so…”

“We like each other too,” Blake said. “But…”

“I really like eating pussy,” Dillon said suddenly.

“Oh,” Tara said. She wasn’t quite sure how to respond to that. “Well, I like having mine eaten,” she said, in the end.

Dillon seemed to think that was funny.

Tara thought. She’d noticed that Dillon had only said he liked it.

“I like it,” Tara said to him. “And you like it. But what does Blake think about that?”

“He’d like to eat you as well. He’s just too polite to ask so directly.”

Blake looked a little embarrassed, and now Tara laughed. Funny was good, she thought. Funny was probably why she was still sitting there, having this utterly odd conversation.

“You’re serious,” Tara said. “You want to pick me up?”

They nodded.

“Just to give me head. You’re actually asking me this?”

“We are.”

“Just because, what, you miss it so much?”

“Pretty much.”

“Tell me again,” she said. “It’s kind of sexy hearing it.”

“Me and my boyfriend Blake,” Dillon said. “Like to eat pussy. And we’d really like to eat yours.”

Tara sat there, thinking.

“So,” Dillon said. “Could we?

“Both of you? Like both of you want to go down on me together?”

“If you want that. Or one at a time. Or one of us can watch.”

“Either,” Tara said, still trying to get used to the idea. “Anything. Whatever. But really, completely, seriously? You want to do this with me?”

Dillon nodded, and Blake smiled, and Tara sat there and wanted to say yes. She really quite desperately wanted to say yes to the men with the pussy-eating obsession, but she was a little wary, a little suspicious. They might be serial killers or something, after all. Or it could be a trick someone was playing on her.

“And just head,” she said. “You lick me out, and then we stop.”

“Or whatever else you want,” Dillon said. He seemed to be doing all the talking, now.

“So, sex as well…?” Tara said, thinking about that.

“If you like.”

“But if I only want head, then just head…”

They both nodded again.

“And all because you miss pussy so much?” Tara said.

“Because we like new people,” Dillon said. “And because we want to have sex with you. Together. Because of that, really.”

“But also because you miss pussy, even though Blake doesn’t?”

Dillon looked at her, and grinned, and then shrugged.

“Okay,” Tara said. “I think I believe you’re serious.”

“Good,” Dillon said, and then seemed to be waiting. For her to decide, Tara realized. She thought, trying to. She was still a little too surprised to be able to. “Talk to me for a moment,” she said. “Let me think.”

They talked, but Tara didn’t really listen. Halfway through something about their favourite restaurant, Tara suddenly decided she was going to say yes. They weren’t serial killers, she was fairly sure of that, but they were cute, and this was too good an opportunity to miss. She was being stupid even hesitating.

“Um,” she blurted out. “Yes please.”

They both looked at her. Blake, who’d been talking when she interrupted, stopped.

“Yes,” Tara said. “Yes. I’m in. Where shall we go. Your place?”

Dillon nodded.

“But I want to see you two with each other,” Tara said. “As well as you doing stuff with me. Like just to see, out of nosey curiosity. I mean, if that’s okay with you if we do?”

“Of course,” they said.

“So let’s go.”

They went to Blake and Dillon’s, and went inside. Blake asked if Tara wanted a drink, or a shower or anything.

“Um, a fuck?” Tara said.

They looked at her.

“Oh yeah,” she said. “Not just head. Unless you only want to do that.”

“No,” Dillon said. “Whatever you like.”

“Good,” Tara said. She put down her bag, and then wondered how to start. It was a bit odd, having decided they would, but not actually doing anything yet. No kissing or touching, no having already half-started on the way home, so it just all happened naturally as the front door opened. She stood there, feeling slightly awkward. She hadn’t actually ever had a threeway before, to her slight embarrassment when anyone asked. That seemed like a problem which was about to be fixed, but first, she had to work out how to start.

They were all just standing there looking at each other, and that there were two of them meant she couldn’t simply kiss one to get started. Or perhaps she could, she thought. She didn’t see why not.

She took two steps, across the room, and kissed Dillon, mainly because he was nearer. She kissed Dillon, and closed her eyes as she did. He kissed well. He had a warm mouth. She kissed, and then felt Blake’s hand on her arm. She stopped kissing Dillon and kissed Blake instead. Then they all started kissing each other, and that was quite fun, taking turns, kissing one person and then another, and watching while she waited.

They all kissed, and started undressing, and went through into the bedroom, and Tara was quite taken by the idea of two men at once. It got a little distracting, touching and licking, and finding someone new. A new chest, and then another one. New arms, all four of then. New man-smell even after she’d breathed in the smell of one of them. A new mouth to kiss. It was especially complicated the way while Blake and Dillon seemed to be trying to do much the same to her, trying to touch her and kiss her and undress each other, all at the same time.

It was nice, Tara thought, in an untidy kind of a way.

“Could someone unzip me?” she said, after a moment, and they both did.

They unzipped her, then kissed her neck and shoulders and arms, kissed until she was wet and breathlessly gasping, kissed until both their shirts were off, and she had her hand on the front of Blake’s trousers, and apparently they’d started, after all, without her quite noticing. Tara was a little overwhelmed. She had two men, and they were both paying attention to her, and both seemed to be concentrating on different parts of her, too, which got a little confusing. Dillon seemed more into her tits and mouth, and Blake her legs and pussy. Blake went down on her for a while, and slipped his finger inside her, and then wiped it on Dillon’s mouth, letting him taste her, so when she next kissed Dillon’s mouth, she tasted herself too. That was quite sexy, in a very sharey kind of way.

Tara decided she liked sharey.

She asked if she could see Blake and Dillon blow each other, and they seemed to like that idea. She watched Blake suck Dillon, and realised, at least compared to Blake, that she gave quite messy blowjobs. She dribbled more, and had to wipe it away quite often. Blake was neater, and she had no idea why. After a while she took a turn, and she was definitely more dribbley, although she found she could swallow deeper than Blake, which Dillon seemed to think was quite funny. A little later, Dillon and Blake switched around, and Blake got sucked, and Tara decided Dillon was tidier too. She wondered why no-one had ever told her before. It seemed a little odd.

Dillon and Blake were entertaining each other, and Tara got a little bored, just watching. There was always going to be a third person, she thought, unless they all tried harder to join in. She decided to join in, and not to wait her turn. She slid over, and licked Blake’s cock too, but she was really just getting in the way. Her hair was out, and going everywhere, and two faces trying to fit into the same place didn’t really work. Dillon moved. He left Blake’s cock to Tara, and licked Blake’s balls instead, and a little later, as she sucked, Tara noticed Dillon was licking Blake’s ass. She stopped, and looked, quite interested in that, still doing Blake with her hand. After a moment, she bent, and licked Blake’s ass too, and Dillon grinned, and then they took turns. One sucking Blake, and one rimming him. Then Dillon wanted a turn having that done to him, and seemed to like it a lot, so then Tara thought she shouldn’t miss out, and they licked her clit and her asshole at the same time.

Now they were all tangled together, and no-one was really sitting aside watching. It all got quite wonderfully confused and tangled, and Tara liked that a lot. She sixty-nined with Blake while Dillon fucked her pussy, and there was something about a tongue sliding all around her lips, all over her clit and up and down the cock that was inside her, that just made her toes curl. She was distracted, but supposed to be sucking Blake. She did it pretty badly, she thought, but Blake was kind about it, understanding, and mostly just left his cock near her face, so she could suck when she wasn’t too involved in something else. She was involved a lot, but he seemed more sympathetic than the average guy she’d sixty-nined with before, who’d usually keep trying to stick his cock down her throat even while he gave her head. She liked that, and assumed she knew why, and stayed like that for a while.

Then they moved, so Blake got a better turn, Tara thought. For a while they were all in a heap and Tara seemed to be at the bottom. There were legs and cocks and pleasure everywhere, and she couldn’t quite keep track of what was what. They started having sex with her as she lay on her back, so Dillon was fucking her pussy, and Blake had his cock in her mouth, and she was looking upwards, from beneath them both, and watching them kiss while they fucked her.

That felt nice. She felt like a sex aid. A toy. She felt part of their love, part of their lives and sex together. It was different, somehow, to just them fucking her. She felt oddly cared for, while having sex with two strangers. Cared for in a way she’d never felt in a casual hook-up before. She wrapped her arms around Blake, just to hold into him because she could reach, and hugging upwards at him as best she could while his cock filled her mouth. They all moved slowly together, fucking tenderly, and it was really quite wonderful.

Then Dillon wanted Blake, and rolled him off Tara. He lifted Blake’s legs up in the air, and got lube from beneath the bed, and started fucking Blake’s ass, gently. Tara watched, interested. She’d never thought about having anal that way before. She’d only done it doggy, or on her side. Their way actually looked quite tender.

Dillon was kissing Blake, so Tara started kissing them too. Kissing their mouths, and chests, and arms, and sliding her hands down their bodies. She held Blake’s cock for a while, as Dillon fucked him, and wanked him slowly in her hand.

She watched, and wanted to join in.

“Hey,” she said. “Um, there’s something you should know about me.”

They both looked at her.

“This,” she said. “What you’re doing…?”

They seemed to be waiting.

“Well, me too,” Tara said. “I mean, if you want to.”

Dillon and Blake looked at each other.

“It’s just a thought,” Tara said. “But um, do you want to do turn and turn about, like me and one of you? And see if we feel any different? Just for fun?”

They did seem to want to. They started concentrating on her again.

She grinned, and lay on the bed beside Dillon and lifted her knees up like he was, and Blake took turns fucking both their asses, and it was really quite weirdly wonderful. She kissed Dillon, and held his hand, and Blake said they both felt wonderful, so then Dillon had a turn too. For a while it got quite slow and tricky, fiddling with condoms all the time, changing them on and off as people moved around. Tara felt reckless, and horny, and told them not to worry so much, but they kept on being careful. She tried amusing herself while she waited, kissing whoever wasn’t fiddling with condoms, but after a while, bored, she started moving around a bit more. Moving around, kissing and licking, sometimes sucking on whoever was nearby.

She must have been distracting, she thought, because she ended up in another sixty-nine with Blake, while Dillon fucked Blake’s ass, inches from Tara’s nose. She stared up, fascinated, and sucked Blake’s cock and licked Dillon’s balls, and was amazed at just how much man there was in front of her, all at once. It was interesting to see this, too, she thought, after having it done to her so many times, and it was nice not to be the ass-victim during sex for once. It was hot, as well, having what seemed like too many cocks right above her face. Blake got distracted, and forgot to eat her, but she didn’t really care. She was fascinated by this. She sucked his cock, while Dillon fucked his ass, and after a moment Blake came in her mouth. As he did, he groaned something about how good they both felt, so Tara swallowed him, and said, “Do it to me too.”

Blake grinned and licked stray come off her chin.

“And do it properly,” she said. “Not my pussy.”

Blake rolled her over, and got beneath her, and he and Dillon got themselves organized. Blake’s tongue on her pussy, and Dillon was behind her, touching her ass. She was spread, and fingered, and then had Dillon inside her again. She went still, breathless, then started to push back against him. It was different, she thought, doing both at once. Anal was hard and sharp and not-quite-sore. Oral was wet and warm and tingly. Both together were extraordinary, almost conflicting sensations. Tara hovered for a long time close to orgasm, the anal holding her down and oral pushing her closer, and the she went, with a long, slow wet side into it that made her whole tummy twitch, and seemed to last for half of forever.

Blake was hard again, so they all moved around. They put her on her back again, and because she’d come she was limp, and compliant. Now she licked Dillon’s cock, which had got slightly soft, while Blake fucked his ass. She watched, and got interested again, and slid backwards a little, so she could lick Blake too, tasting him as he fucked. He was bare, because he was inside Dillon, so she pulled him out, and sucked the end of his cock, tasting him and Dillon both, and too horny to care. He watched, smiling, then she put him back in Dillon, and he started fucking again.

She licked Blake’s balls. She licked both their balls. She pushed Blake out the way, and rimmed Dillon while Blake waited. She felt Dillon get hard, and slid down and sucked him for a while, and Blake bent and rimmed him too, and then Tara slid back up, and kissed them both, and tasted all kinds of new tastes on their mouths.

Blake got impatient, and started fucking Dillon again, and Tara sucked his balls as he came in Dillon’s ass. Then she pulled his cock into her mouth, and sucked the last drips of semen out of him. Then she slid up, and licked Dillon’s asshole, and carefully got the semen splashed there. Blake watched, and seemed amazed, and told her she was filthy and wonderful.

She felt filthy and wonderful. She felt part of something special. She was being kinkier than she usually would, but she didn’t mind, tonight.

They both kissed her, and stroked her, and told her she was wonderful, and she laughed. They all sat on the bed, sprawled out, looked at each other. Blake kissed Dillon’s neck and Dillon stroked Tara’s tummy. “God you two,” she said. “Thank you. That was… nice. Like sharing things with friends.”

They seemed to agree.

Tara wasn’t finished yet, and it had been a while since she’d come, so slightly impatient, she started licking their cocks again, one after the other. They were soft, and tasted of semen, so she switched around, just to taste them both. Switching around turned into her taking turns blowing them while they kissed each other, which turned into them all taking turns to get head from the other two. Tara started rimming, because she was having fun doing it. Then they both did her again, which she desperately liked. It felt glorious, one tongue sliding up and down her pussy and one around her ass, all hot breath and wet slidey swirling, all slick and smooth and warm. She came suddenly, and couldn’t hold herself up while she did. Dillon caught her, and held her up, and then fucked her again. Because he liked pussies, she supposed. They did doggy while Blake watched, and Tara might have imagined it, but Dillon seemed more attentive than she was used to, kissing her neck and stroking her back, and bending over her to touch her clit.

“It’s nice to be fucked by someone who gets fucked too,” she told him when he was done. “You’re more thoughtful.”

They laughed.

Tara blew Blake, because he hadn’t had anything in a while and sometimes she just needed to suck someone’s cock. She got him off, but didn’t swallow. Instead, she kissed Dillon with Blake’s semen in her mouth. They all seemed to like that, Blake, watching, as well as Dillon, so she and Dillon did that for a while until the semen mysteriously ran out. Tara wasn’t sure where it went, but it seemed to have been swallowed or dripped out.

Then she and Blake rested, and Dillon went and got them all water. He brought three glasses back, and they all lay there, feeling happy.

“So,” Dillon said, after a while. “There’s something we sometimes try when we do this. Like it’s not everyone, but if you wanted to…”

He stopped, and Tara waited.

“It’s kind of kinky,” Dillon said.

“Um, seriously,” Tara said. “You were paying attention just now, right? You think anything’s going to shock me at this point?”

“True,” Dillon said, and grinned. “Have you ever been double-penetrated.”

“Nope,” she said. “But…”

“You’d give it a try?”

She thought. “Doesn’t it hurt?”

“I don’t know. No more than anal, I’d have thought.”

She looked at them, thinking.

“No-one who’s let us do it has ever said it hurt,” Blake said. “If that helps.”

“How many let you?”

“Not many.”

She grinned. “So I’m your special girl?”

“You already were.”

“Yeah,” she said. “Okay, why not. What do I do?”

Blake lay on his back, got her to straddle him, riding him, fucking him slowly. Fucking him, he said, getting used to things inside her. As she did, Dillon knelt behind, his cock resting against her ass. He rubbed her gently with a finger, lubing her, while Blake moved inside her.

“Yep,” she said to Dillon. “Go on. I’m ready.’

Dillon moved his finger away, and slid his cock inside her, and then went still. Blake stopped moving too. They all lay there, motionless, letting Tara get used to it.

She could feel them both. She was stretched, full. Really full, like she never had been before, like she could feel intensely more inside her pussy as well, for everything being stretched tightly around the cock in her ass. She could feel a lot, in a wonderful way. They were all moving very slightly as they breathed, and that was enough for the first few moments. Tara thought she could feel both cock-heads, deep up inside her. She thought she could, anyway, but she didn’t know if it was true. She felt like she was moulded around every inch of Dillon, that Blake’s cock was pushing her against him, fitting her to him.

She knelt there, feeling them both, feeling something more than just sex. Feeling some kind of weird emotional connection, too. They were all pressed together, all three of them touching. Blake and Dillon were almost touching. They were touching, but through her. Their cocks were almost against each other’s, but only through Tara’s body. Her body was the only thing keeping them apart.

It was intimate, she thought. It was like being part of their relationship. She felt close to them. She felt full. She felt tiny, as well. She felt somehow small, trapped between arms and shoulders and chests. She felt like there was more man around her because there was so much of them around her, and inside her, almost overwhelming her.

She felt all sorts of emotional things, and she also felt like she ought to feel if she had two cocks inside her at the same time. She felt sexy and brave and such intense pleasure it was almost sore. She felt a lot of pleasure, more than she would have thought.

“Um, okay,” she whispered. “Fuck me if you want.”

Her voice sounded odd, she thought. It was strangely soft. She was a little surprised, but perhaps that was normal with some much else suddenly inside her. There might not be room for air, any more.

They both began to move. At first they were out of time, but then they pushed together. She liked that thought, liked where she was and what she was doing that got them in time like that. Then they slipped out of time again, so Blake went out while Dillon went in, sliding over her insides, now, so she felt one rub her against the other, and then the other way around. She was being bumped against by two sets of balls, which was oddly, weirdly intense. She could feel them both, differently, she thought. Her clit felt like it was stretched upwards or out more too, tingling and shivery each time Blake went into her pussy.

Blake was kissing her face, watching her, smiling at her. She smiled back, tongue kissing him deeply, while he and Dillon both fucked her.

This was better than anal, she decided. Something about having Blake being inside her as well made her feel things right up inside her ass in a wonderful way. Usually, once she’d been penetrated there, she really only felt anal at the end of herself, not deeper inside. She felt with her asshole, she supposed, but not the rest of her. She’d never really thought about it before, but that seemed right. Now she felt it all deeper and fuller than when she did either sex or anal on its own. As if there was some space inside her that a cock usually filled up, and that space was now full, doubly full, which made everything more intense. Now she could feel all the way up inside her ass, and feeling like that was deep and full and filling. Now, she was lost. She was almost in a trance, only able to moan and gasp and push back to meet their thrusts. Her arm was sore from holding herself up, but she didn’t really care. She could feel her ass, and feel her pussy, feel all of herself like she never had before.

She was gasping. She thought she was sobbing, too. She felt hot sparkly darkness fill her. She was worried for a moment that she was going to faint, that she might actually pass out of pleasure. She didn’t. She came again instead, not quite believing it had happened.

“I am,” she whispered, but they knew. Blake tried to touch her clit, but his hand got tangled, and Tara didn’t need it desperately enough to try herself. She moved a little, pushing back against them both, putting them both off their time, but it didn’t matter. She was there, all weak and lost and sobbing.

She was there, and they slowed down as she came, moving less forcefully, less deeply inside her. In case she needed them to stop, she supposed, a moment later. She took a moment to realize. She took a moment to think again. When she did, she worked that out. It was considerate, she thought.

She usually would stop. She usually couldn’t keep doing anal after she came. Now, it didn’t seem to matter.

“I’m fine,” she said. “Don’t stop. You can fuck me as long as you can.”

They both started moving again.

She knelt there, just feeling. It was different now she’d come. There was less urgency, for her, but it was sweeter and more tender too. She was being used as a toy again, she thought. She was part of their marriage. This wasn’t for her, any more, she was doing this for them, and she liked the intimacy of that.

“Fuck me bareback,” she said suddenly. “Take the condoms off, fuck me bareback.”

Blake looked up at her, and shook his head.

“Please,” she said. “I want to feel you both come inside me.”

“No,” Blake said. “No, it isn’t worth it.”

She felt oddly desperate. She didn’t know why. She almost wanted to beg, and Blake seemed to understand. He looked up at her, and shook his head again, and said, “We’re sorry but we can’t.”

“I’m close,” Dillon said. “It doesn’t matter anyway.”

“Oh,” Tara said, disappointed, and then felt him start.

She felt a pulse inside her, a hotness seeping through the condom, inside her ass. Then Blake started too. She was surprised, and wondered if she’d been squeezing, and set Blake off, or he was just into watching Dillon come. Blake groaned, pushing into Tara, his arms around her, holding her against himself. She was in the middle of them again, lost with them, as they gasped and clutched and filled her. She was part of them again, as they both came inside her.

Then Dillon finished and started to slide out. He slid out, and started pushing at her hips. Blake wasn’t quite finished, Tara thought, so she said, “Wait, he hasn’t…”

“No, this is good,” Dillon said. “I promise. Turn around, and lie down.”

They lay in a circle, each in the next’s mouth. Tara ended up with Dillon’s cock and Blake’s tongue. She sucked the end of Dillon, lazily, tasting semen, and sometimes licked his balls. Blake mostly licked her ass, and it was gentle and nice and tingling. He licked until she didn’t feel fucked any more, until it felt as though everything was back to normal. It was nice. It was considerate. The other time she’d done anal, they came and then that was that. This was better, she decided. It was gentler. It was sensible. Having her ass licked after someone fucked it made the world seem gloriously tidy and well-organized.

“Oh,” she said. “That is. That really is good.”

“Told you,” Dillon whispered, and kept licking, and gentle became more insistent. Tara reached down, and pressed on her clit, and started sighing as she pushed back against Blake. Dillon’s cock was still soft in her mouth, but she sucked it gently, and he stroked her hair. She came again, after a while, a little one that made her go limp. She looked behind herself. Blake was still soft too.

“Are we done?” she said, almost disappointed.

They both nodded, smiling.

“Okay,” Tara said.

She lay there for a while, thinking, happy. Then she said, “Sorry about the bareback thing. I just got carried away.”

“We know.”

“It was just… Otherworldly. I was so deep in it.”

“It was good?”

“It was incredible. I’ve never…”


“I just wanted to feel you both. All of you.”

“It’s okay.”

“I mean, the offer’s open. We can any time you want to…”

Dillon looked up, and seemed interested, but Blake said sharply, “Be sensible.”

“The offer’s open,” Tara said, grinning. “But I can see why not. So don’t feel obliged.”

Dillon shrugged, and then they all lay there, hugging each other. After a while, Tara thought Blake and Dillon were both asleep. They were dozing, at least, although Dillon opened his eyes when Tara slipped off the bed.

“I should go,” she whispered.

“Are you sure? You don’t need to?”

She hesitated, but decided it was better to, rather than making things awkward by hanging around.

“Maybe a shower?” she said. “Is that okay?”

He got up too, and showed her where it was, and gave her a towel, and she was a little surprised their bathroom wasn’t any nicer than her own.

She had a quick shower, and Blake was up too by the time she’d finished and got dressed. She told them both it was the nicest, kindest, bestest experience she’d ever had, that she’d never met anyone like them. She said thank you, thank you so much for sharing this with her, and they all kissed for quite a long time, one then the other, before she left.

She felt buzzy, and full of energy. She needed to talk. She went around to her best friend Noah’s house, and woke him up. She sat on his bed, and told him she’d sucked people off and been eaten out and watched guys ass-fuck each other and been double-penetrated. She told him she wanted to do more, to do it all again. She told him he could, right now, if he wanted to. He smiled and kissed the top of her head and said maybe not, but she could just tell him all about it if she wanted to, how about that? She nodded, and started to, but then she went to sleep instead.



So also, just as a by the by, I’m not completely sure about the last paragraph, so please consider it part of the story or not, as you wish!