Actual Real Fantasies

This is kind of random, but if I was with a man and married, I’d want my husband to bring other women home, and fuck them while I was tied up in the corner or whatever, so I’m forced to watch, and then for him to make me lick his semen out of her when they were done.

I’d want him to make me lick it out, and then get her off, and then get him off too, again. Or to give them both oral while they fuck each other. Something like that.

Obviously this is all a bit weird, and obviously it means something or I wouldn’t be fantasizing about this, but I don’t know what it means, really.

That I want to be betrayed by people I love, because that turns me on?

Maybe. But that seems kind of weird.

Fantasies are weird, I guess.

So another actual fantasy. A couple fucks. They use me. I’m there, and maybe giving them both head while they do, and maybe one holds my hair and pushes me down onto her partner and makes me pleasure the other person. Something like that. Because you know in porn, in a threeway, there often seems to be a couple fucking somehow, and then someone else who’s basically a cock-holder. Like she sits there holding the cock, or the other chick’s hair, and sometimes she goes down on both of them, but mostly it’s the other two doing stuff, and her just kind of helping.

I want be her, basically.

So another actual fantasy. A threeway with a boy and a girl. Me and her sixty-nine, and I’m on the bottom. So he fucks her, and I lick them both, and when he comes it drips out of her and onto me. I’m not actually fussed whether I get fucked, or even come. This is about them.

Worse fantasy. It’s a gangbang, and they all fuck her, and I lick her out while they do, and all the semen drips into me. Both ways to fuck her.

Really weird actual fantasy. Taking all my friends partners into a room and fucking them all, so everyone knows I am, and it’s one night and I will and we’ll then never speak of it again. So I blow them and lick them and fuck them until they can’t walk, and then spend the rest of my life knowing I’m the dirtiest thing they ever did, and that they’re thinking about me constantly, and I rule. Basically. There’s so much twisted psychology in this one I try not to think about it. I’d probably actually do it though, if someone else organized it.