Another Actual Fantasy


This is just something I think about. You is whoever, you is the person I’m with, in my head, like with the stories in Love Letters.

We have a bdsmy relationship. There’s rough sex and hitting and tying me up. One day I go to your place and there’s a man there. You’re a girl, I think.

I go to your place, and find a man there, which is a surprise, and you make me suck him off. You sit and watch while I do. In my fantasy his cock goes all the way down my throat, so my nose is squashed on his tummy, and that just isn’t happening in real life but it’s a fantasy so here it does. And also, my hands are behind me the whole time, so when he comes, it dribbles down my front a bit, and after he finishes you lick it off me. I don’t quite know why that turns me on, but it does.

So that’s that, and we had fun. We all go home.

We do it again.

The next time he’s there, and you make me fuck him. I’m in my work clothes, so you tell me to take my trousers down and kneel. I do.

It’s shameful, somehow. Having him see me bare like I am.

He fucks me. He fucks my ass.

His cock is huge and the biggest thing I’ve ever had up there. I didn’t notice that last time because, um, fantasy. It hurts, and I sob, and I want him desperately, and I keep whispering for him to keep going as he does.

You make me suck it in between times. It’s sexy, not gross, because fantasy.

He fucks me, and I come, and then he does too and fills me up, and then you make me give you both head.

Next time you take me to a party, and share me with your friends, and it’s like a giant messy gangbang where I cry and sob and beg for more and get sticky and covered in pussy wet and semen and come until I faint. All that’s a bit vague though, because how usually I’m masturbating as I think about this and I normally come at that part.

I guess by the end I’m lying somewhere and there’s semen inside me, and all over me, and I’m looking at you, all glaring and angry, and you say to calm down you love me, and that’s a nice ending.

Even though like ten men just came inside me.