“I’m bored,” Megan said, in the middle of sex. “Let’s do something else tonight.”

Jessie stopped moving, and lay there, looking at Megan, apparently surprised. Megan suddenly wondered if that had been the most diplomatic way to say it.

“What?” she said, feeling guilty. “I am. I’m just telling you.”

“You’re bored?”

Megan nodded. It still didn’t seem completely unreasonable to say so, even if maybe she could have been politer.

“Isn’t that kind of rude?” Jessie said. “Um, to me?”


“It sort of is, I think…”

“Not bored with you,” Megan said. “Just, completely, obviously I’m not. I’m into you. I’m into having sex with you. I’m just a little bored with doing it the same way all the time, that’s all.”

“So bored with how we have sex?”

Megan thought. “With how we are right now, maybe? And wanting to try something different?”

“Because that’s so much better.”

“Not you,” Megan said. “I promise. It’s not you, or us, or anything like that. It’s just we keep doing the same old, and I want to do something else.”

Jessie sighed. “Okay, so… like what?”

“Like I don’t know. Like something different to this.”

Jessie thought.

“Come on,” Megan said. “Something. Anything. Whatever you like, anywhere you like.”

“Why do I have to decide?”

“Why not? You kind of asked, so now it’s on you.”

Jessie looked at her, and sighed.

“Anything?” Megan said. “Please?”

“Fine,” Jessie said. She slid off the bed, and pulled on her clothes. She went over to the wardrobe. Her wardrobe. They were at her house. She took out a long coat, and a scarf, and held them out to Megan. “Put those on.”

Megan grinned, and slid to the edge of the bed, and reached for her underwear.

“No,” Jessie said. “Don’t put anything else on. Put those on, like I said.”

“Oh,” Megan said.

“We’re going somewhere,” Jessie said. “Since you’re being a smartass.”


“Not telling, yet.” Jessie kept holding out the coat. “Put this on if you want something to wear. Otherwise, just come like you are now.”

“What, naked?”

Jessie grinned.

Megan took the coat, and pulled it on. Then she looked at the scarf.

“For a blindfold,” Jessie said.

Megan decided she might as well. She put it on too. She couldn’t see, but Jessie checked anyway, tugging at the scarf.

“Okay,” Jessie said. “Come with me. To my car. I’ll help you, and steer you outside, then we’ll drive somewhere.”

“And then what?”

“We’ll have sex unboringly. What do you think?”

It was stupid, but not. It was exciting too.

“Okay,” Megan said. “Let’s go.”

Jessie led Megan out to the car. They should probably have just walked out to the car without the blindfold on, Megan thought, but it didn’t really matter. Jessie steered her, and warned her about steps and when to stop while she opened and closed doors. She got Megan into the passenger seat fairly easily, and they started driving.

Megan sat there, listening to the car’s noises, feeling the car move. Jessie wasn’t talking much, and her silence was sexy. Anticipatory, Megan thought.

Megan was quite turned on. She was interested in this. She suddenly wasn’t bored at all.

They drove for a while, perhaps twenty minutes. Megan had no idea where they were. It was late, and there wouldn’t be much traffic around, and they seemed to be going quite fast. They could be anywhere. She tugged at the coat sometimes, in case anyone could see into the car. Otherwise she just waited.

Jessie parked, and switched off the engine. “Stay there a sec,” she said, and opened her door.

Megan smelled salt and heard waves. “The beach?”


Jessie came around to Megan’s side of the car, and opened her door, and pulled gently, helping her get out. “Mind your head,” she said, and then put her hand on Megan’s shoulder, guiding her so she didn’t bump it. She stood Megan up, and led her a few steps, towards the front of the car.

Then, suddenly, unexpectedly, Jessie said, “She’s just seeing what it’s like to be blind.”

“What?” Megan said.

“Just some people went past,” Jessie said. “Don’t worry.”

“People?” Megan said, nervously.

“Walking their dog.”

“Oh god,” Megan said, and tugged at the coat.

Jessie didn’t help. She just turned Megan around, and said, “Sit down backwards.”

Megan did, cautiously, so she was sitting on the front of the car. Jessie kissed her suddenly. Kissed Megan without warning, and then pulled Megan close and slipped her hand inside the coat, onto Megan’s leg, and stroked, so Megan sighed.

“So here’s my idea,” Jessie said softly.

“This isn’t it?”

“This is half of it.”

“Okay,” Megan said, a little nervously.

“I think it’s quite clever. I was thinking it up all the way here.”

“Oh,” Megan said. “So, um, tell me.”

“I’ll start with my hand. Now. And you leave the blindfold on. When I say, when I tell you there’s no-one around, you take off the coat and lean back on the car and I make you come with my mouth.”

“What?” Megan said. “On the car naked?”


“Just, right here?”


“With no idea whether anyone’s watching.”

Jessie sounded like she was smiling. “I’ll tell you when there isn’t. And you’ll have to trust me. That’s the thing. The sexy.”

Megan thought.

“It isn’t boring,” Jessie said.

“I know,” Megan said. “It definitely isn’t. Um, you’ll make really, really sure there no-one around?”

“I will. I promise.”

“Couldn’t you just give me head anyway…”

“Nope. No naked, no head. That’s what makes it not boring, I’d have thought.”

“I suppose.”

“So you will?”

Megan stood there for a moment, hesitating, torn. “Okay,” she said. “Yeah.”

“You will?”

“Of course I will. It’s weird, but it isn’t boring, is it?”

Jessie laughed, and kissed Megan again, and began moving her hand inside the coat, stroking Megan gently. Megan shifted her knee, and leaned onto Jessie’s fingers. She sighed, and breathed in the smell of Jessie’s hair. Jessie fingered her for a while, fingered her slowly, doing what Megan liked.

“You’re not telling me to lie down,” Megan said.

“Not yet, no.”

“Is anyone around?”

“Not at the moment.”

“So should I do lie down?”


“Um, yep. Should I do it now?”


“Just, like, take off the coat? And then lie down?”

“Go on,” Jessie said.

Megan did. The coat had a tie at the front, and buttons that were already undone. She untied the belt, and pushed it off the shoulders.

“Where’s do I lie?” she said, unsure because she couldn’t see. “Just go backwards?”

“Fuck you’re beautiful.”

“Um, help?”

“Hold on, I’m just looking.”

“But me lying down? Me naked? Let’s try and be sort of quick…?”

Jessie pushed Megan backwards gently, helping her lie down. Megan felt Jessie move as well, probably kneeling in front of the car. She heard gravel scrunch and then felt Jessie’s hands on her knees. Jessie’s hands, and then Jessie’s breath between her legs, and suddenly Jessie’s tongue on her, licking.

Megan gasped, and sighed. She reached down, uncertainly, and found Jessie’s hair. She slid her fingers into it, stroking as Jessie licked her. She felt metal warm underneath herself, where she wasn’t completely lying on the coat. She felt a cool breeze against her skin, giving her goosebumps, almost.

Or perhaps the goosebumps were excitement. She was lying there, naked, and Jessie was licking her out.

She lay there, feeling Jessie. Feeling pleasure.

“Hey,” Megan said suddenly. “If your face is down there, how can you see whether anyone else is around?”

Jessie stopped licking. “Yeah, I just thought of that too.”

“So someone could be?” Megan said, nervously. She put her arms over her chest, just in case.

“Not right now. But they could before we’re done.”

“Oh,” Megan said. “Um, fuck.”

“Should I stop?”

Megan hesitated.

“I can if you want to,” Jessie said.

“No,” Megan said quietly. “Don’t stop. Knowing that, knowing someone might…”

Jessie seemed to be waiting.

“That’s really hot,” Megan said.

Jessie laughed.

Megan reached down, and felt around, and caught Jessie’s head again. She pulled Jessie back against herself. “More,” she whispered. “Please?”

Jessie did.

It was exciting, doing this. Megan liked it a lot. The beach, the blindfold, the risk, they all turned her on. She was getting close, quicker than she expected. Jessie was licking her, kissing her, all soft and sticky and nice. Jessie slid her fingers inside Megan, and Megan came, intensely, but still trying to keep quiet.

“I’m sitting up,” she whispered when she was finished.

She pulled the coat back around herself, and at the same time, took the blindfold off. She sat up, and looked around. They were in a carpark, overlooking the beach, the kind of place surfers parked in the daytime. There were no houses, and no other cars. There were no people anywhere.

“Was there really someone walking a dog?” Megan said.

Jessie shook her head.

“Oh,” Megan said, then grinned. “You bitch.”

“It worked, didn’t it? It turned you on?”

“Yeah, actually it did. But still…”

Jessie grinned.

“Want me to do you?” Megan said.

Jessie didn’t seem sure.

“It’s the middle of the night,” Megan said. “There’s no-one here. I might as well, since we are.”

Jessie shook her head. “Once we’re at home.”

Megan nodded, and kissed Jessie again. She pulled the coat closed properly. “That was really quite wonderful,” she said. “You pervert. That was a wonderful idea.”

Jessie smiled.

Megan reached over, and pulled Jessie against herself, and hugged her for a moment, sitting there. The evening was cool. The wind was cool, especially wearing only the coat, but Jessie’s body sheltered her a little. Their hair was blowing around, getting in Megan’s face, and she could feel the coat against her bare skin, underneath it, rough and slightly scratchy.

She felt happy. She didn’t feel bored any more.

“Should we go?” she said. “I want to do you.”

Jessie nodded, and kissed her, and then they got back in the car and went home.