Weird SFF-Satire-Flash-Ranty-Preachy Story: Offering the World

This is a bit weird.  It’s not smut.  It’s also probably triggery and maybe offensive to religious people.  But I hope the good kind of offensive, like the offensive that hints at something which might be worth saying.  I hope anyway.

Um, if not, sorry.  Like actually really sorry.

But its SFF and fantasy, so no-one should be offended.

Or satire.  Maybe its satire.

I’m really not sure.

But anyways, here, have a weird flash-fic SFF story thing!


New BxG Story: Older Men

And also one for the, um… not-wattpad list…  so boys, basically.

Or, well… men.

Um, kind of older men…

Obviously.  From the title.

So I don’t really know why, except why not?  And maybe because rewatching old Sex and the City episodes, because all Big and Samantha’s hotel boss and all the suits and smugness and sophistication…  so all of that!

But anyways, its here!

And Two More Stories, both Wattpad-Safe :)

So it seems like it had been ages since there were actual new short stores, because yes the other thing, and novels, and whatever, so anyways, here are two more!

Emily and Megan hook up in a hotel gym,

and Caitlin and Alyssa do kinky with candle wax.

And yep, I keep thinking about sweatiness at the moment, and nope, I don’t know why.  Oh well.

And um, the second one is a bit bdsmy, but not horribly so.  As in, probably okay if you only read here and not the other.  So just candle wax, basically.

So there you go!

New Story (um, finally): Catch Me If You Can

So this was a thing I started ages ago, and then forgot.  Basically, after someone said nicely how Evie’s Job didn’t actually have anything much about Sydney in it, which is true for reasons, so um, this!  A scenic tour of part of Sydney in words, or something!  Which is finally now it is finished.

And here!

And yep they are Tamsin and Matilda because those are the most Australiany names I could think of quickly.  So ha!

Although, actually, thinking about that…  maybe I should do a story about Lachlan Macquarie and Matilda Cumberland-Woolloomooloo and the entire rest of the world will basically go what the fuck, are those real names, they can’t possibly be, and the Australians who read it won’t even notice.  Ha again!

And yep, I had to check how to spell Woolloomooloo because I am that shitty a speller with too many Ls and Os, and yes I can never remember its the last one that only has one L, but also, I don’t visit multi-million-dollar apartments so much that I need to memorize how to spell it to type it into GPS-es so it doesn’t really matter!

And also, what I took out of the story because I couldn’t make the joke actually funny is that where they end up, they’re basically almost looking at Finger Wharf.  So, um, yes.  It really is called that, oh my.  I guess old-timey people were either way dirtier or way more innocent than us, or something.

Anyways, the story is here.

Christmas Story!

Um, I maybe did something bad.  Really bad.  Like, wrote something bad, I mean.  This is possibly not a good thing to have done.

But over on the other one, there is a Christmas-themed story.

Which is, um, fairly mild for there.  Which is why I’m saying about it here.

As in, there’s some non-consensual spanking.  But that’s really all.

Except the part about how it’s a Christmas-themed smut story called Naughty or Nice.  And that in itself might be distressing…

The start…


For no particular reason except that I’m bored, I decide to do something I haven’t done in ages. I stay up to wait for Santa.

I hang up a stocking in a room with a fireplace, and then sit in a big soft chair with a rug over me and wait.  After a while, I go to sleep.  The room is quiet, and there is no traffic outside, and so I eventually doze off.  Which is fine.  This is more about nice old memories than actually expecting anything to happen, anyway.

Except that hours later, I wake, and realize there is someone else in the room.

A man in a red suit is standing beside the fireplace.

“Fuck,” I say, and jump.

He says, “Fuck,” too.

“Who are you?” I say.

He looks down at his red suit, and at his beard, and at his sack.  And then glances at his tablet which seems to have a list of deliveries on the screen.  I get it.  I mean, he isn’t the shape I’d always thought Santa was.  He’s more, well, cut and rippling.  But other than that, red suit, long beard, silly hat.  I’m pretty sure I know who he is. 

Keep Reading —>


Oh, and look at this before you look at much more over there, if you haven’t yet.  And also, be safe and have good holidays and thank you for reading stuff this year!

Update: And on Smashwords too, just because :)

Story of the Weekish: GxG Shopping Chick-Lit Kind Of!

So for no real reason except just because, actual gxg shopping chick-lit!  Um, kind of.

Actually the reason is just because it’s been a while since I did :)   Um, write it, not shop.

Oh sigh, never mind.

And also, bonus extra, weirdo not-drabbles.   Not-drabbles as these just happened to all be 113 words, so why not?  My drabbles are a better number than boring old 100, ha!

Update because yes I know: Um, sorry, I kind of spammed that to twitter without a title, my bad :)

New Story of the Weekish and Flash

These are all on wattpad.  Which is a code, remember?

Um, so I got stuck with writing another thing, and someone said if I was stuck I should do something different.  So I did.  This!  And this may be a trick everyone else knows, but I didn’t, and it actually worked!  So yay!  And also, just in case anyone else is stuck too!

Anyways, stories…

Anonymous part 2


Airplanes Again

Making Butterflies

Um, that’s all!  Thank you for looking if you do!

New Non-Watty Story: Sexting

So ages ago I said if I wrote anything too weird I’d be really clear in the blurbs.  Or, well, in the posty thingys like this, I suppose.

So I am now being clear!   Warning!  This has both like a foot fetish thing, and pegging in it.  And just to be really really totally clear, pegging is a woman wearing a dildo and using it to anally penetrate a man.

Um, so please don’t if that’s going to put you off!

But also, because it kind of feels like that just got really judgey…  um, I’m not really saying either of those things weird, either.  Like I totally can’t talk since I wrote it.  I’m just trying to be aware of different audiences and different tastes and of not wanting to throw things in people’s faces that they don’t want thrown at them.  So, um, yep.   That’s all.   Sorry if that was rude to someone, and like no actual judgement and stuff intended, I promise.  I just didn’t know how else to say it.  So I hope that all makes sense.
Sigh. It probably doesn’t.TL:DR: Sorry if you read this and it upset you.  Sorry if how I tried to warn other people upset you too.

Anyways, it’s here if you’d like to look!


New Story: Everyone Has Zoey

Um, so if you haven’t met this series-ish before, um, orgies!


This kind of feels a little unfinished, but I’m not sure what else to add.  As in, there’s no crisis, no decision, nothing changes…  it’s more just a story where someone does something kinky…  and then is happy she did.  So it may as well go up, in case people are interested, but it doesn’t feel like quite enough to count as a real story :)

Oh yep, orgies, obviously…

And if the obviously isn’t obvious, um, there’s stories, about orgies, they’re all called Everyone has someone…?  Oh never mind.


Everyone has Zoey

This is Not True


And also, just because, some flash!



And there you go :)