Comments Page for Not-on-Wattpad Stories

So I don’t really like comments on pages here because it makes the pages look ugly, says me.  And also because, well, weirdos and spam sometimes.

But people may want to.  Because Wattpad habits, or being nice, or whatever.  So if you wish, then, um, here, please do!

Um, although… comments here all get held, so it might take a day or so for them to show up until I check, so don’t panic if nothing seems to happen right away.  Like please don’t write the whole thing over again because then I feel really guilty!  Especially when you obviously had to actually rewrite it all, because how it’s slightly different words to the first time.  Don’t do that!

Anyways, no pressure if you don’t want to, but if you want to, please do!

Although, um, please don’t say you think you knew me when I was fifteen.  Just no, too creepy!


2 thoughts on “Comments Page for Not-on-Wattpad Stories

  1. Can’t remember reading anything I’ve enjoyed so much as “1+2-1” It’s certainly sexy but it’s not smut! Delayed finishing ch 7 because afraid she will make the wrong decision. That should tell you something about why I have enjoyed your story so much — it’s not the sex. If she makes the wrong decision , he will survive and move on, but she won’t ever , not really! She will have destroyed her ability to have a meaningful relationship in the future. Thanks!!!

    • oops, i forgot this page was here haha… :)

      um thank you, that’s really kind, although sorry to cause anxiety! i’m glad you like, but um… maybe you mean something differnet by smut, cause it seemed like it was to me… maybe? idk but i thought so…

      anyways thank you, i’m glad you liked.

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