Everyone has Zoey


Zoey knew of a place where people met to watch each other have sex. It was a lay-by on a road off the main motorway north of the city, and she’d seen people talking about it on the internet. She knew where it was, and drove past it sometimes. She drove past, and looked at all the cars parked there, and thought about being there. About being watched, and having sex, and what people did together.

Sometimes she wanted to stop. Sometimes she wanted to join them. Sometimes, despite herself, she thought about it while she was having sex with someone else. That felt wrong, and she tried not to do it very much, but she did.

Everything about the lay-by felt wrong. It felt shameful, too grubby to actually be exciting, so she was always a little embarrassed by her interest in it. She thought about it though, despite herself.

And then, one day, she went there.

She had been at a party, and was driving home. She was dressed up, and her hair was perfect, and her dress was new and shimmery and had only been worn twice. She had been thinking about the lay-by earlier, had probably been thinking too much, while other people talked and laughed and got drunk around her. She was distracted, quiet, and not drinking because she was driving, so she kept to herself a bit more than usual, and spent the evening thinking, instead.

Thinking about the lay-by, which she knew she had to go past on the way home. Thinking about it quietly, while everyone else had fun.

That might not have been a very good idea.

She went home that way. She could have taken a longer way around, but she didn’t. She drove towards the lay-by, knowing she was, excited she was, not quite sure what to think or do when she got there, but excited. She slowed down at the turn-off, and took the exit off the motorway. She’d done this before, often enough, wanting to look at the cars from a distance. She knew the way.

She followed the road for a while, past service stations and fast-food places, then, without really thinking about it, without really letting herself think, she slowed down and turned into the lay-by.

She knew where to go. She’d seen where the cars parked before, watching from a distance, on other nights. She drove down the back, past some decorative trees and picnic tables, going as far as she could go, into a kind overflow carpark that must be for summer tourists.

Then she stopped.

She stopped, almost surprised she was actually here, and looked around. There were other cars there, and she didn’t know where to park. She didn’t know the rules, and whether she should be right next to another car, or a little further away. In the end, she sort of went to the middle, to a wider gap between other cars.

She parked, and switched off the engine, and undid her seatbelt, and then sat there.

She didn’t know quite what to do now.

She looked down. She had bare feet. She had taken her shoes off to drive. They were beside her on the passenger seat, and wondered if she should put them on, but she didn’t quite know why she would.

She glanced around. In the darkness, outside the car, people were moving around. People were probably looking at her.

She thought about being looked at, and wanted to do something now she was here. She wanted to do something, and she knew what people did.

It almost seemed a shame not to, she thought, now she’d finally stopped.

She put her hand on her leg, and then slid it upwards. Her dress was fairly short. She slid it up, slid her hand into her underwear, and closed her eyes, and started masturbating. It was what she did whenever she thought about being here, so it seemed the natural thing to do now. She’d already had dozens of orgasms thinking about the lay-by, and people watching her, so now she actually was here, it seemed the obvious thing to do. She gently touched herself, stroking, just like she did at home. Just like she did at home, except that actually she was here.

That excited her more than she could stand.

After a moment, she opened her eyes. People were outside the car, watching her. She looked around, and made sure. People were definitely out there.

She pulled her undies off, and put them on the seat beside her, then went back to touching herself. She wasn’t quite sure what else she was supposed to do.

After a moment she opened the car window a little.

“Hey,” she said to the nearest man. “Is this okay? Can you see and everything?”

“Maybe put on the inside light?” he said.

Zoey nodded, and reached back, and did.

He stood there watching.

“Watch me,” she said. “Watch me do this.”

He nodded, and stood there. He had his hand in his pocket. After a moment she said, “It’s okay. Let me see you do it too.”

He took his cock out, and jerked himself off, looking at her.

She rubbed herself slowly, and he wanked himself, too. She was being slow, because she didn’t want to finish too soon. She had a vibrator in her bag, but she left it there, untouched. She rubbed herself slowly, and watched him, wanking himself more quickly. After a moment she put the window down all the way. So she could see him better. So he could see her.

She watched his hand, moving on his cock. She felt her fingers sliding wetly over herself. She felt excited. She felt brave.

She wanted to do something daring, and she knew exactly what.

“Come on me if you want to,” she said. “Like come through the window.”

He nodded, and rubbed faster, and after a moment, he did. She felt it land on her, hot and thick, splattering her arm. She wasn’t quite sure why she’d wanted that particularly, but she wanted it. She did. She wanted more.

She looked around. “Is anyone else out there?”

“Yeah,” he said.

“Tell them to come over.”

A few men did. “Tell them what to do,” she said, and heard the guy saying to wank in her car window, that she wanted them to.

Another man stood at the window. He was jerking himself off too, holding his cock, aiming it at her. Zoey watched. He seemed to be rubbing himself fast, closing his eyes, almost there. She sat up, impulsively, and leaned over, and tipped her head sideways. She leaned there, waiting, still masturbating herself slowly. When he came, his semen landed on her neck and shoulder, sticky.

She looked up at him, and smiled, and wanted to say thanks except that just seemed silly. It didn’t matter, though. He disappeared, and another man stood at the window. She looked around, and saw there were others on the far side of the car, looking in those windows too. She was pretty sure they were all masturbating. Like she was, she thought. She liked that, she decided, being the centre of everyone’s attention, being watched while they all pleasured themselves together. It was odd, but it was what she was here for, she supposed. To be watched, while they all did this.

To be watched, she thought, and to be brave, too. She felt brave, she decided. Brave and sexy. She felt like she was being brave, and she liked that feeling a lot. She was here to be brave, she decided, and she was brave, doing this, doing what turned her on. She felt brave and stupid and sexy and out of her mind with excitement, so she knelt up, on the seat, then leaned out the window, holding herself there with an elbow on the car’s window-sill.

She looked at the man standing there, and decided he looked clean. He was clean, and he had a cock, and that was what she wanted right now.

She put him in her mouth. She didn’t know why, she just did.

She put him in her mouth, and sucked, and he groaned. She held him with one hand, and kept masturbating herself with the other. She sucked him gently, not quite sure how firm to be. Usually, doing this for someone new, there was a little time to work that out. A chance to get to know what he might like, as they kissed and touched beforehand. There wasn’t that chance now, not when she was just grabbing him and doing it. There wasn’t a chance at all when she was just putting it in her mouth. She liked that she was, even if she didn’t know exactly what to do. She sucked him firmly for a while, then licked the sides of his shaft. She licked, and rubbed herself, and looked up at him as best she could. It seemed to be right. He was groaning. He was lost. As she licked, he started making little twitchy thrusts forward against her hand, so she put him back in her mouth, and he came. She tasted sweetness, and then a flood of salty heat filled her mouth. She swallowed, and sucked until he finished, and then he stepped away.

She stayed there for a moment, kneeling on the seat, half out the window. There was a crowd of men standing there, and they were all looking at her. Wondering what happened next, she supposed. A whole crowd wanting her. There were a lot of men, she thought. A lot of men, all watching her, and wanting her. They wanted her, and she wanted them all too. She wanted all of them, even the ones that might not be perfect right now. They ones that might not be clean, especially. She didn’t know why, but it mattered to her that she had them all. She thought, then decided. She wanted them all. She had wet wipes in the back seat of the car, so she reached back and got them, and said, “I will, if anyone wants to. But use these first.”

She handed the wipes out the window, and someone took them from her and put them on the car roof. Someone else took one, and wiped, and she sucked his cock. He came, and she sucked another. She tasted them, felt them in her mouth, couldn’t believe what she was doing. She pushed the straps of her dress down, off her shoulders, so her tits were bare. Someone came, and she dribbled a little, and had to catch it with her hand. She wiped her mouth. She looked around, and pointed to another man. He came over, and held out his cock, and she sucked that too. She sucked him until he came too, and got all of it, that time.

There were half a dozen men around now, perhaps more. She liked pointing. She liked being in charge. They seemed happy to let her pick, so she pointed to another, and sucked him off too. She swallowed him, and wondered who to pick next.

“Excuse me,” someone said. “Do you still want us to on you?”

She looked. A guy nearby, holding his cock. She nodded.

He jerked off onto her arm and shoulder, and she touched his balls while he did. She grinned, and kissed his sticky cock, and then looked around. She needed another. She pointed, and that man came over to the door. She sucked his cock until he filled her mouth. They were only taking a few minutes each. They were excited by this, she supposed. There were ten men around the car, now, and she was excited by so many.

She sucked, and another came, then one of the men said, “What about you?”

Zoey hesitated. She wasn’t sure. She did want something more than her hand. She wanted to, but she felt a little unsafe, in the darkness, doing this. “I don’t know,” she said.

“Don’t you want some?” someone asked. “We could…”

Zoey thought. “Maybe,” she said.

“We could lick you? There’s a table over here.”

Zoey hesitated. She didn’t want to get out the car. She felt safe in the car, and it was quite a large group. “I don’t know,” she said.

She didn’t know what to do. She wanted head, but not outside the car. She looked at the man who’d offered, and decided she liked him. Mainly because he had. He seemed nice, that he’d thought of it, so she supposed he could get in.

She looked at him, and considered it. “Would you lick me?” she said.

“Yeah, of course.”

“Do you want to get in?”

He nodded.

“Come around,” she said, and pointed to the passenger door. He did, and she reached over, and unlocked it, then realized that didn’t quite make sense.

“Wait,” she said, and locked it again. She opened the back door’s window, the one behind her, and closed the window she’d had open until now. She took the keys out, and climbed over into the back seat. She felt a little silly climbing around, but no-one seemed to care.

She leaned over, unlocked the door, and let the guy in. Then she locked the door behind him again, and said, “Keep that locked.”

He nodded.

They sat there. She didn’t know what to do next, so she bent over and sucked his cock. She kept rubbing herself as she did. He let her for a moment, then said, “Wait, wasn’t I doing you?”

She nodded, and sat up. She leaned close to him, and whispered, “I’ll fuck you in a bit. First I want to suck more cock.”

He grinned and nodded, and Zoey kissed him quickly, and then turned around. She turned, and knelt on the back seat, leaning out the window, and other men put their cocks in her mouth. The guy behind her licked her as she did, and he felt good. He felt good and wet and slippery warm after all her touching of herself, and he was good at giving head too. He was too good. Sometimes she forgot to suck because she was distracted by his mouth.

She was licked, and she sucked, and two more men came in her mouth.

She was excited, and feeling quite close, but she didn’t want to come yet, in case coming made her change her mind about what she was doing. She wanted to wait, and feel it all at the end. To feel everything more intensely, when she finished whatever she was doing here.

“Wait,” she whispered, and turned around on the seat. She sucked the guy in the car with her instead of the men out the window, and knelt on the seat, bent over, as she did.

He stroked her bare back as she sucked him, and she murmured that it felt nice. He stroked her, and she sucked him, and outside the car, a guy came. He came in the window. She felt it land on her leg and bare foot. She looked up, and saw him move, and another guy take his place.

She was kneeling, bent over, on the seat, masturbating herself again. From the window they probably had a very good view of her, and what she was doing. She put her foot on the floor anyway, moving her knees wider, letting them see more clearly, and also sliding herself a little closer. Now she had to stretch to reach the guy in the car with her. He realized, and shifted over a little, making it easier for her. She sucked, and knelt there. Another guy jerked himself off on her legs, looking at her pussy, and at her hand on her pussy, and a stranger’s cock in her mouth.

She slid backwards again, even closer to the window.

“Can we touch you?” someone said from outside the car.

Zoey looked up, and realized she was close enough to the door they probably could. She hesitated, then nodded, because she might as well do everything now. The guy who had asked put his hand on her ass. He stroked her gently, and then touched her pussy. He touched her hand, on her pussy, and they both rubbed her for a moment.

She slid back a little more, so she was right against the door. Then she remembered the guy in the car with her, who she was ignoring, and bent, and sucked him too. She sucked, and suddenly felt a mouth on her pussy. She felt a wet tongue, and slippery heat. She felt breath on her skin, and lips on hers. Someone outside the car was licking her out.

She jumped, then went still, then pressed herself backwards, onto the mouth. She couldn’t think. She needed this. She wanted to be licked out by men she couldn’t see. She knelt there, lost in pleasure. She put her foot on the floor, and her arm on the seat-back, and tried to get as close to the window as she could. It was awkward, but it didn’t matter. Outside, the man licked her pussy.

She looked at the guy in the car with her and said, “Don’t come yet.”

He nodded.

“Not yet,” she said. “I want… them to use me, but you to stay here. While they do. Does that make sense?”

It probably didn’t, but he nodded.

She bent, and sucked again, being slow, being gentle. Outside the car, men were licking her out. She thought they were taking turns. She could feel mouths starting and stopping, with little pauses like they were shifting around, and she could feel differences in what they were doing, more sucking now and then more licking. That idea excited her, of them taking turns, of there being many of them all tasting her, that excited her a lot.

She knelt there, and didn’t move for a while. She sucked, and men took turns. She was licked, and was getting closer.

She needed to stop them, or she’d come.

She pulled forward, suddenly, taking herself away from their mouths. She had to do it suddenly so she could bear to do it at all.

“Fuck me,” she said, looking backwards, out the car. “You can all fuck me. All of you. Please.”

Sex would make her take longer to come, she thought. Sex would slow her down. Sex was what she was here for. She just hadn’t admitted it to herself until now.

She was ready. She was wet. She’d got oral from she didn’t know how many people. She wanted sex desperately, but even so, she looked around, nervously. There were a lot of men, outside. The windows were steaming up, so she couldn’t see properly. There were a lot of men out there, so many she was almost a little scared.

Se was scared, but she wanted them all inside her, too.

“Fuck me,” she whispered again. “All of you.”

Then she moved back, to where she’d been, pressed against the door, kneeling against the window, so they could reach her. She crouched there, feeling silly, and also feeling not. She crouched, feeling desperate, and said, “Someone fuck me. Please.”

Someone did.

The first guy had a condom. She reached back, guiding him inside, and felt it. The fucked guy fucked her with a condom on, and then they seemed to run out. The second guy was bare, and the rest were after that. Zoey didn’t care. She was lost in it by then.

“Just fuck me,” she said once, in case they cared. “Fuck me and come in me. It doesn’t matter if you do.”

They did. They all fucked her, one after another, and came inside her, until she was slippery and full and it was running out of her as they moved. She almost couldn’t feel each new cock inside her now, because the semen that was already inside her was so runny and wet. It was what she needed, she thought. She couldn’t feel as much now. She was being fucked, but because of the angle and the over-slippery lubrication of semen, she wasn’t feeling so much herself she was likely to come.

She reached back, and touched herself sometimes. She was wet with spilled semen. It was splattered on the back of her thighs. It was dripping out of her, mixed with her wetness, and running down her legs.

She remembered the guy in the car with her, and tried to suck him while she had sex. It was hard. She was being moved around, as people fucked her, and she was getting distracted too. She did her best. She tried to keep him in her mouth. It wasn’t the best she’d ever done, but he didn’t seem to care.

She knelt there, and was fucked, and tried to keep count of how many. She had sex with five men. She had sex with ten. She wasn’t sure, but she thought she’d had that many. She felt cocks inside her, big cocks and smaller cocks and cocks with bends. Cocks that barely got in before they came. Some of them were coming very quickly, she realized. They must still be wanking before they did, she supposed. Or maybe there was some kind of peer pressure not to take too long. Maybe it was that, she thought, or maybe they were turned on by the idea of her just offering herself anonymously like this. She supposed they wouldn’t be here at all if they didn’t like that idea.

They all fucked her, one after another. She was wet and sticky and filled like she’d never been. She was lost in herself, in what she was feeling, and unbearably excited too. She was close, and she didn’t care any more. They fucked her until she came, just from sex, which she never managed usually, and when she had, when she finished, she gasped, “Keep on going.”

They did that too. She had sex with twenty men, she thought. Their semen was all over her. Or actually, she had sex twenty times, but she was pretty sure some guys were coming back for seconds. She had sex twenty times, and by then she was a little sore inside, and her thighs were hurting from crouching, and she needed to unbend her back.

She let the guy who was fucking her finish, and then moved away from the window.

There were a few disappointed noises.

“Hey,” she said. “There’s someone in here too you know.”

People outside laughed.

She knelt on the car seat, and looked down at herself. Her legs and feet and ass were dribbled with semen. She reached down, and touched herself, and felt it thick and sticky in her pussy. Far more than from having sex only once, far more than she’d ever had inside her before. She bent over, curious, and peered at herself, and there were thick white dribbles of it on her lips, and slipping out of her as she touched. She looked around. Some had dripped on the car’s seat. More had smeared all over her dress. She looked at the car door, and there was semen on the windowsill, and probably down the outside, too. There was semen on her hands, and in her hair, and even on her feet. She felt sticky. She felt used.

She felt proud of what she’d just done.

She looked at the guy, in the car with her. “So,” she said. “I’d better do you, I guess. Since you’ve been patient.”

He grinned.

She looked at him, thinking. She wanted to do something nice. He’d been nice, sitting there, and she felt close to him, trusting.

“Do you want my ass?” she said quietly. “You can if you like?”

He looked surprised, then nodded.

“Is it weird to use a whole lot of other guy’s spunk as lube?” she said.

He shrugged, and grinned, and then said, “Not really.” Then he looked around, out the car windows, as if meaning, not there, doing what they were.

Zoey turned around, and knelt on the back seat, and put her face down on the cushion. She lay, without meaning to, right beside the window, where semen had been dripping all night. She felt some sticky on her face, and suddenly was excited by that. She slid her cheek on it slowly, just to know it was there. She lay there, ready to be taken, and reached back to guide him. She lay there, and the guy knelt behind her, and put his cock in her pussy. Getting it slippery, she supposed. She waited, and let him. He took it out, after a moment, and sort of scooped semen from all over her onto it. He rubbed semen against her ass, all slippery and still-warm, and then pushed his finger inside her there, and his finger just went inside. Zoey was surprised. It had never been that easy for her before. His finger just slid inside, quite a long way, and it was so slippery as it went that she felt nothing except goodness. Semen was probably a good lube, she suddenly realized. It was probably what it was for. It seemed to be working, anyway. He moved his finger slowly, then put another inside her, and that felt nothing except wonderful too.

“I’m fine,” Zoey said. “Just do it.”

He took his fingers away, and got closer, so she could reach and steer him, and then slowly slid his cock up inside her. Up inside her ass. It felt good. It felt like being filled with hardness and heat and sex. She liked anal, when she managed to do it, and this time it had just gone right in. He started moving, pushing into her, and she actually moaned. Her pussy felt worn out, insensitive after all the sex. This was new, somewhere she hadn’t been fucked. It was fresh and sensual and sexy.

He fucked her, and she knelt there, feeling semen drip out of her as he did, feeling his cock up her ass, feeling more semen sticky on her face.

She wanted this. She wanted all the stickiness. She didn’t quite know why, but that was part of why it was so exciting.

“Excuse me,” someone said outside the car.

Zoey looked up. Men were still standing there, still watching. Watching her do anal.

“Can we still come on you?” the man said, holding his cock.

Zoey blinked, surprised, and just lay there for a moment. She was distracted by sex. She was distracted by actually being asked.

He didn’t seem to realize, though. He must have thought she wasn’t sure. “Please?” he said.

“Oh yep,” she said, and nodded.

He smiled, and jerked himself off towards her, so it landed on her hair, and some reached her back. Then others did. A few more did. The anal must be turning them on. They watched, and wanked into the car, and told her she was sexy and amazing.

She lay there for a while, watching them do that, but then she got distracted by having sex once again. The guy behind her fucked her, and she felt another orgasm coming. She reached down, and pressed on her clit, pressed her fingers against herself, all slippery and slick with semen. She pressed on herself, and then pushed her fingers inside, and felt her whole hand slippery with semen, and how easily her finger slid. She felt her fingers inside herself, and a cock sliding into her ass. She rubbed, and squeezed, and pressed her fingers onto him, and came, thinking about masturbating herself with stranger’s semen as she did.

She came, and then he did too. She must have felt tighter as she did.

She knelt here for a moment, and then the guy slid out of her. He slid out, and slid over, across the seat and away. She looked up. Men were still at the window, watching. She sat up too, then kissed the guy, then leaned over and unlocked the door.

“Thanks,” she said, and he did up his trousers, and got out, and closed the door behind him.

She locked it. She looked around.

She felt sticky and used and happy. She felt semen inside her, felt it on her pussy and legs and face and hair. She had so much on her hands, from touching herself and holding them, she didn’t know she’d be able to drive.

She looked over, at the open window. Men were still standing there. She sat there for a moment, wondering how to end. There was still a group of men there, and she felt a little bad, because she was about to abandon them. She wondered if she should do more. She thought she might as well. “I can stay for a bit if you want to wank on me?” she said. “But I really can’t do anything else. I’m kind of worn out.”

They seemed to like that. There were a few nods. She leaned where she’d been, underneath the window, and more men wanked onto her. They took longer now. They must all already have come. Zoey touched herself as they did, stroking her legs and tummy, stroking gently, comfortingly, not really trying to turn herself on, stroking while men masturbated onto her. It was sexy in a calm, nice way. They wanked on her face, and her hair, and her tits, and she heard groans and felt little splatters like sticky rain land on her. Sometimes she reached up, and caught a little in her hand, and rubbed it on her pussy. Sometimes she opened her mouth and tasted it.

She let a few more do that, but began getting bored, now it was over for her, now she had finished, and wasn’t masturbating as well. She sat there a little longer, then said, “I’m sorry but only a couple more, I need to get going.”

They seemed to understand. One more did, and then no-one else stepped forward. Zoey looked around, then said, “Has anyone not yet? Does anyone want to?”

No-one seemed to want to. No-one new came to the window. There were still men there, but no-one close.

“Everyone’s done?” she said.

There was no answer, so that seemed to be it.

“Okay,” she said, feeling a little silly. “Well, um, bye.”

She felt silly saying that, so casually, when she’d had sex with most of them and was covered in come, but they seemed to understand. They said thank you and she was wonderful and a few even clapped, which seemed weird. They seemed grateful, though, which she liked. She liked that she was appreciated.

She leaned over the front seat to put the keys back into the ignition, and then she closed the back window. She climbed over the seat, and glanced around. Men were still there, talking. Some waved to her. Talking about it after the big event, she supposed.

Then she sat there for a moment, thinking about what she’d just done. She was sticky, and the car was a mess, and doing this had probably been a bit silly.

She was glad she had, though.

She started the engine, then tried to wipe her hands. The wet-wipes were outside still, probably on the roof or somewhere. It didn’t matter. She used the inside of her dress, and her underwear, and got her hands clean enough to drive. She put her foot on a pedal to start the car, and it slipped slightly as she did. She realized why, and wiped the soles both feet on the carpet, and then she started the car.

Men waved as she drove away. She waved back.

She drove ten minutes or so, until she was away from the lay-by, then she stopped, and pulled over, to check everything was okay. And to check how obvious she looked.

She was obvious. She was dripped with semen. Splattered with it, with drips of it all over her. It was drying on her, crustily. She could feel smears and drips up her back, on her legs, on her neck and face and shoulders and inside her dress, on her breasts. It was all over her dress, and her hair was messy with it, although at least her hair was in a bun, and it had stayed in, so it didn’t show as much once she took it out. The rest was obvious, though, and her dress was badly smeared. She hoped no-one saw her on the way home.

She turned around, and looked at the car’s back seat. It seemed a little crusty, too. She opened the driver’s door, and leaned out, and the outside of the back car door was a bit drippy as well.

That turned her on, that everything was a mess, and she didn’t quite know why. She was too worn out to think or care, but she almost wanted to get herself off, here on the side of the road, looking at the mess she’d caused.

She went home instead, driving carefully, hoping not to be stopped by a cop. She drove home, and into her garage, which had an internal door, so she could get inside without anyone actually seeing her. She had a shower, and washed her hair, and then she had a bath too. Then a glass of wine, and then she slept.

It had been a good evening, she decided afterwards. She was glad she’d done it. There was a little mess to clean up, afterwards, but that wasn’t so bad. She rinsed the outside of the car in the garage, and rented a carpet cleaning machine to do the inside. She was too embarrassed to take it to a cleaning service in case they knew what had happened, and because it didn’t seem very hygienic either. She kept the dress in the back of her wardrobe, in an old dry-cleaning bag, still all crusted and thick and stained. She looked at it sometimes, remembering, and usually masturbated when she did. That was about the end of it, except that she dripped semen for several days, to her surprise, but that was actually sexy somehow, anyway. At work, in a meeting, she’d feel a sudden clamminess and be excited because she knew exactly why.