Evie’s Job Deleted Scenes

So first, there’s this, which is kind of a smutty Natalie prequel…

A Night for Natalie

And second, there’s these.  So like I did this with my first book, which none of you will have read cause it has icky boy cooties, but, well, I did… so I was doing this anyway, to put them on the website blogy thing, so they may as well go here too!  Um, yay, says me.

So basically, these are bits I wrote down and then didn’t like for whatever reason so didn’t use, like they didn’t fit or feel right or were just a bit blah.  So if you’re really interested, here!  And if you’re so stalkery interested you’re trying to work out which days the updates were late, so which would be these days, then, um, yep, that’s what would be happening, but um, I can’t remember sorry.

Anyways, um, thank you for reading through all of this, and here, I hope someone likes!

Natalie forgets to get rid of all the cash

Natalie meets Evie’s ex

Evie and Lizzy crash Natalie’s work drinks.  Just because.

Natalie visits Evie’s

A joke probably only Australians will get