Fifty Somethings of Something

Simone and Christian went to a party, at someone’s house Simone didn’t know. It was a big house, and new, with lots of corners and decorations. Someone wealthy, Simone assumed. One of Christian’s colleagues or clients.

After a while Christian led Simone upstairs, and then down a hallway. He didn’t seem to know where he was going, she thought. He was looking around as he led her. He went around a corner, and then seemed satisfied. He leaned her against a wall. They were still in a hallway, but it seemed quiet enough. There didn’t seem to be anyone around, right now.

He pulled her close, and kissed her, slowly.

She kissed back, with her eyes open. She watched him warily. She knew what to expect. It was them, after all.

“You’re going to do something awful, aren’t you?” she said into his mouth.

“I am.”

She kissed, and looked at him, and wanted this more than she could stand.

“What?” she said. “Make me do it.”

He kissed her. “Strip,” he said.

She looked around. The hallway was empty, and there were no windows, and no sign there was anyone nearby. The hallway was empty, but still, it was a hallway.

She looked at him, hesitating.

“Everything but the shoes,” he said. “Now.”

Slowly, she reached behind herself and unzipped her dress. She could hear people downstairs. No-one nearby, though. Yet.

She pushed her dress down, because she didn’t wear clothes she needed to pull off over her head around Christian any more. She wanted her hair to stay perfect. She wanted to look elegant and sexy.

She pushed the dress down, and then her underwear, and then she stood there naked.

She spread her arms, challengingly, and said, “Well?”

He smiled, and put his hand on her neck. He pushed her back against the wall, and squeezed, just enough she knew his hand was there and felt scared, in a terribly good way.

“Well?” she said again.

“Masturbate,” he said. “Make yourself come. Then you can get dressed.”

She looked at him, and didn’t move.

“The quicker you do,” he said. “The quicker you can get dressed again.”

“And if someone comes upstairs?” she said.

“They watch too.”

She waited a moment, just to tease them both. Feeling the danger already, standing there naked, feeling the risk of someone coming by. Feeling his excitement, too, his uncertainty whether she would. Whether this was the one thing too far, the thing she refused to do.

She waited, trying to keep her face expressionless, trying to tease. Then, after a moment, she reached down, and touched herself. She touched, while he watched, and smiled. She raised her hand, and licked her fingers, and then began to rub herself as quickly as she could.

“Don’t cheat,” Christian said. “Don’t pretend to come. I’ll know if you do.”

He might, she thought. He probably would. She was a little surprised that he said it, though. The idea of cheating like that hadn’t occurred to her. Of course she was going to come, because she wanted to come, like this, standing right here. She wanted this, every part of this, not some make-believe half-way version where she pretended.

Sometimes, she thought, he really didn’t understand her.

She stood there masturbating, naked in a hallway, while he watched, and held her neck. She stood there, touching herself, staring into his eyes, feeling nervous and scared, listening for voices, too excited to think.

She came. She came so hard her knees went weak, and he had to grab her quickly and help hold her up. She came groaning, despite herself, while he looked around, making sure no-one was nearby.

Then, breathless, with shaking hands, she picked up her dress, and pulled it back on. He kissed her, and she kissed him back, and then they went back to the party, back to talking to people she’d probably never meet again.

“Shake hands with as many people as you can,” he whispered to her a few minutes later, and she did, even though her hand had already dried.

Later, they arranged to meet again in a week, and do something else just as bad.

“Just as bad?” she said. “You promise?”

“Or worse,” he said.

“But you promise?”

He smiled, and kissed her, and said, “Yes, of course.”