Fuck Club


“I’m bored,” Mikalea said.

Kelly was lying beside her in the sun. It was lunchtime, in a small park in the middle of the city, and they had met for lunch.

“With my life,” Mikalea said. “With everything. With casual sex.”

Kelly looked at her for a while.

“I mean it,” Mikalea said. “I’ve really had it. It’s never turns out to be as good as you hope, and it never goes anywhere, either.”

“So, what, you’re going to become celibate?”

Mikalea lay there for a while, actually thinking about it seriously. Mostly because imminent self-deprivation might make her appreciate the last few times she had sex more.

She thought, then realized she couldn’t actually do it. “No,” she said, disappointed in herself.

“I wouldn’t,” Kelly said.

“I know.”

“Poor you.”

“Yep,” Mikalea said. “I think I’m just bored. And I don’t know what to do about it.”

Kelly sat up. She looked at Mikalea for a moment.

“What?” Mikalea said, suspiciously.

“I’m just thinking.”

“Um, okay. What about?”

“I have some friends,” Kelly said slowly. “A group of friends. Like a women in business thing. Except that we meet for drinks and to talk about work and also to, um, watch people fuck.”

Mikalea sat up. She hadn’t expected that. “Seriously?”


“What, like fuck club?”

Kelly grinned. “Pretty much.”

“Oh my god, you have a fuck club.”

“Not quite, but yeah.”

Mikalea didn’t quite know what else to say. She thought for a moment. “And you’re asking me if I want to…”

Kelly shrugged.

“I don’t know I want to go that far,” Mikalea said.

“How far?”

“Like joining in an orgy. With you.”

Kelly looked surprised. “No, you asshole. We watch other people fuck. We don’t have sex with each other.”

“Watching?” Mikalea said. “Oh. I thought you meant…”

Kelly looked at her, still puzzled.

“Like, I thought you meant I’d be…”

“Um, nope. Weirdo.”

“So who does have sex.”

“Prostitutes. Sometimes strippers.”

“Oh. And you just watch…?”

Kelly shrugged. “Yep.”


“Why not. Just because. It’s fun. They pretend to be into each other, and be in love and stuff, so it’s better than porn. And for people it matters for, we watch them, and its fun, and then we go home to our wives without having cheated on anyone.”

“It’s always girls?”


“Oh,” Mikalea said.

“Do you want to try?” Kelly said. “You could visit, next time.”

“Actually, I think I’d like to.”

“There’s a cost. To pay for the girls.”

“I assumed.”

“And you need to bring some wine or something.”

“And a plate?”

Kelly looked at her, then shook her head. “No plate. Unless you want to. But there’s one other rule.”

“The first rule of fuck club is we never talk about fuck club?”

Kelly grinned. “Pretty much.”

“And does it end how I expect?” Mikalea said.

“How do you expect?”

“Well, the obvious. That this conversation is all in my head, and I’m imagining you’re here, and you don’t really exist, and really I’m here on my own, half asleep and horny and thinking about really polite ways to have orgies, and any moment I’ll wake up?”

“Um yep,” Kelly said. “Pretty much.”