Going Down on You in a Theatre


She had to sometime, Keira told Livy. She’d grown up listening to that song. It had been her standard of kinkiness her whole life. The thing she had to do to prove something to herself.

“But it’s so complicated to organize,” Livy said.

“So we’ll organize it,” Keira said. “And not complain.”

Livy had grinned, and said fine, and let Keira try.

It had been tricky. They had to try five separate times before they managed to get everything right. They went to empty theatres, in the middle of the day, seeing awful films no-one was interested in. They sat up the back, where it was dark and so no-one was behind them, but not so obviously up the back or in the dark that people got suspicious.

They almost managed on the third time, but at the last minute, after the movie had started, another couple came in and sat in the back row, just along from them. Keira had almost screamed, or hit them. She’d almost started going down on Livy anyway, but Livy moved two seats away, quite deliberately, so she couldn’t.

Keira began to give up hope. There were always other people around, it seemed, so often that Keira began to suspect that everyone else was up to dirty things too.

The fifth time Livy said they should go to something arty, at an arty theatre, preferably something depressing, and on a rainy day. They found a movie, and went, and the theatre was almost empty, and the movie was brooding and gloomy and dark too, which made everything inside the theatre dimmer, which Keira hadn’t actually thought of until now.

They were sitting up the back, in the back row, and an usher was standing near them, at the door. The only other person there was a woman on her own, in the middle of the theatre, but she seemed to be staring intently at the screen. Or asleep. Keira wasn’t sure, and it didn’t matter. After twenty minutes the usher left, and Keira decided no-one else was coming in. She leaned over and whispered to Livy, “I’m going to now.”

Livy nodded, but didn’t answer. She was excited, Keira thought, but a little nervous too. They were both wearing skirts, to make it easier. Even though Livy had said she absolutely wasn’t doing Keira too, no matter what, Keira had worn one anyway.

Keira looked around, then knelt on the floor. She slid Livy’s skirt up. Livy was nervous, biting her lip, almost flinching when Keira touched her. She was wet, too. Keira could smell her as she slid her underwear off. Keira bent over, and started licking, and felt weirdly turned on. Turned on enough she started touching herself through her clothes. She licked Livy, and listened to French people talking on the screen, and felt safe and comfortable and sexy in the darkness.

Livy shifted in her seat. She moved her knees apart, and put one foot up on the seats in front of her. After a while, she slid down a little too, sprawling, pressing herself against Keira’s mouth. Being licked seemed to make Livy forget about being nervous. She closed her eyes. She held onto Keira’s hair, sighing the way she did at home.

Livy had her eyes closed, Keira suddenly thought. Livy had her eyes closed, and Keira was down below the row of seats, and neither of them was looking around any more. Keira was quite excited by that. She kept licking, deliberately slowly, deliberately not doing what she’d usually do to make Livy come. She licked, and slid her hand inside her own clothes, and rubbed herself too. Rubbed, and decided she was going to get herself off before she let Livy finish. Just because she wanted to, and this was her thing. They were in a theatre. There was darkness and flickering light and faint smell of popcorn.

She knelt there, touching herself, tasting Livy, concentrating on what she was doing rather than wondering if there were people were around.

“Excuse me,” someone said, suddenly. Keira jumped, and felt Livy jump too. They both looked up, horrified, at the woman who’d been sitting in the middle of the theatre. She was standing right next to them now.

“Excuse me,” she said again. “Would it be really rude to ask if I can join in?”

Keira looked at her, astonished. She was so surprised she couldn’t think. She pulled her hand away from Livy, and Livy pushed her skirt down.

“Um,” Keira said, belatedly. “I don’t know what you mean. I just dropped an earring and was looking for it.”

“No, of course,” the woman said. “That’s exactly what you’re doing.”

“I am,” Keira said.

“It’s really kind of obvious you’re not, you know.”

Keira looked at Livy for help, but Livy seemed speechless.

“Could I?” the woman said. “Please? I mean, only if you both didn’t mind?”

Keira had no idea what to say. She was still kneeling on the floor.

“Alanis, right?” the woman said. “That’s why you’re doing this? That song?”

Keira looked up, surprised, then smiled.

“Of course it is,” the woman said. “I mean, I always wanted to as well.”

Keira looked at Livy again, and wondered what to do. They’d talked about this, about someone else joining in, and had both seemed to like the idea, as a thing to try one day. Keira hadn’t expected that day to be now.

She looked around, and made sure the theatre was empty. She looked at Livy, wondering.

“Can we?” she said.

Livy shrugged. “Why not.”

“You don’t mind?” Keira said.

Livy shook her head.

“Then yes, I suppose,” Keira said to the woman. The woman smiled, and sat down.


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