Vicki air-kissed her friend Christian’s cheeks, and was almost certain he smelled of pussy. She did the other cheek, to make sure, and was certain.

He had a beard. That was probably why. It had probably got caught in his beard.

The idea made her wet, which didn’t help for all the pussy smell in the vicinity.

“What have you been doing?” she said.

“What?” He actually seemed confused. “Shopping?”

“Um, no dude, you smell like pussy.”

He blushed. He actually blushed. He looked at her, and said, “I…”

“Who is she?” Christian was single, as far as she knew.

“Just a friend.”

She thought about that. “I’m a friend.”

“Yeah, you are.”

“So why aren’t you doing that for me.”

“I don’t know. You never asked.”

“Oh.” She looked at him. “Lick me out?”

“Sure. Where?”

She looked at him. She looked around. “Let’s go home?” she said.

He nodded.