Two months into their relationship, long enough that they had become close, but not so long that Craig had any unyielding emotional ties to her, Lizzie said, “I have some friends I like to have sex with sometimes.”

He was inside her at the time.  She was riding him, looking down at him, watching carefully for a reaction.

“Like fuckbuddies?” he said.

“Like a couple I’ve been having sex with for years.”

“Oh,” he said.  “Shit.”  He was listening, but not really to be listening.  Concentrating on the sex, thinking she was just doing some kind of dirty talk.

She’d been here before, with other guys.  She’d had this conversation before.

“What do you think about that?” she said.

“I don’t know,” he said, still not completely paying attention.  “That it’s hot?”

That was what she’d hoped.  She’d asked when she did on purpose.  “You really think hot?” she said.  “Not…?”

Craig actually thought.  While she kept moving onto him.  Or looked like he was thinking, at least.  He might have just been pretending, teasing her.  “Yeah,” he said, after a moment.  “Actually, it kind of is.”

Lizzie smiled.

“Yeah,” Craig said.  “Hot.  Tell me about it sometime.”

“Tell you?” Lizzie said.

“Yeah, isn’t that why?”

“I can tell you,” Lizzie said.  “But I still want to as well.  Sometimes.”

“What to want?” he said.

She was a little surprised, but not.  He wasn’t concentrating on her words, not really.

“Have sex with them,” she said.

Then he opened his eyes.  He was listening properly now.   “You want to still have sex with them?” he said.  “With your friends?”



Lizzie nodded.

“Even though, us?”

Lizzie nodded again, slowly.  “If that’s okay?”

Craig didn’t seem sure.  He was thinking about it, suddenly.  Lizzie could guess why.  They were still new, as a couple.  Craig was still trying to impress her, still half-competing with imaginary threats for her.  They didn’t have habits yet.  They didn’t assume about each other.

Craig hadn’t got so rigid with jealousy and expectation that he wouldn’t consider trying something for her, if she asked.

If she asked the right way.

“Both of us, I mean,” she said.

Craig thought again.  Thought, while he was inside her, which might have changed his opinion slightly.

“All right,” he said.

“You’re sure?”

He nodded.

“Okay,” she said.  She lifted up, and reached down between them, and pulled the condom off him.  “In that case,” she said.  “We’re ready to trust each other.”

They went back to sex.

A few nights later, Lizzie arranged dinner.   She told Craig to be ready at seven, and that she’d pick him up.  He asked why, but she just told him to wait and see.  They went to Neil and Ester’s apartment, and ate, and talked, and all got to know each other.

Just like any other new boyfriend meeting someone’s friends, Lizzie thought.

Craig acted like that was what it was, meeting her friends and nothing more, but all the way through dinner he kept glancing at her.  As if he was wondering.  As if he was trying to decide if these were those friends.

“Eat,” she said quietly, leaning over.  “Just have fun.”

“Is this…?”

“Eat,” she said, and went back to talking to Ester, and left Craig and Neil to talk about football.

After dinner they went into the lounge and sat on couches and looked out the windows at the city’s lights.  Lizzie sipped at her wine, finished it, and then stood up and unzipped her dress.

Craig looked started for a moment.  Then he said, “Oh, right.”

“You’re good with that?” Lizzie said.

“This is them, is it?”

“This is them,” Lizzie said.  She knelt down in front of Craig, and took out his cock, and started sucking him.  Sucking slowly, teasing, letting him get used to the idea of this.

Neil and Ester liked to watch her with new boyfriends.  When it was just the three of them, both Neil and Ester tended to concentrate on Lizzie.  With someone new, they could watch her, and be with each other, and they all liked that.

Lizzie sucked Craig.  She knew him well enough by now to know when he was getting close.

She stopped then and stood up.

Craig looked disappointed.

“Tonight is just head,” Lizzie said.  “Okay?  We’ll talk about it all later.”

He nodded, but looked confused.

“Just head,” Lizzie said, and, “Stay there.”

She swapped places with Ester.  She went across to the other couch, to Neil, and Ester came and knelt in front of Craig.

“Oh,” Craig said.

“Yeah,” Lizzie said, sliding onto Neil’s lap.  “I’d say oh.”

Ester started sucking Craig, and Neil made out with Lizzie.

Neil stroked Lizzie’s arms, and kissed her neck.  “Hey,” he said.  “I missed you.”

Because she hadn’t seen him, like this, in two months.  Since she’d met Craig.

Neil kissed her mouth, and made her sigh, and fingered her while she sat on his lap.  While she sat there, and concentrated on him, and watched Craig out the corner of her eye, making sure he was okay.

Lizzie and Neil and Ester had done this before.  They’d included Lizzie’s boyfriends before, when Lizzie thought everyone would get along.  Because Neil and Ester missed her, and since she wouldn’t cheat, this was the only fair way to do it.

This was a test, in a way.  Checking the basics.  Making sure Craig did want another woman.  Making sure he wouldn’t panic if he saw Lizzie with another guy.  Making sure it would all work.

Lizzie and Craig would sort out details later.

Lizzie and Neil kissed, and he fingered her slowly, enjoying her, stroking her.  After a while Craig came.  Lizzie had her eyes closed, but she heard it happen fairly obviously.  She got up, and went over, and kissed Craig, as Ester slipped away.

Craig opened his eyes, looked at Lizzie.  “Fuck,” he said.

“You like?”

“Yeah, I think so.”  He grinned.  “You have hidden depths.”

“I know.”  She looked around, picked up her dress.

Craig looked surprised again.  It was a night for looking surprised.  “Don’t you want to finish?”  he said.

“At home.  That was just to check you’re okay with this.”

Craig nodded.  Like he didn’t understand, but was okay with it anyway.  They went back to talking, and had some more wine, and then Lizzie and Craig went home.

A few nights later, obviously still thinking about it all, Craig said to Lizzie, “I think I like to watch you with other men.

“I think I like to be with other men,” she said.  “So…”


“Do you want me to…”

“Is that weird?”

She shrugged.  “Isn’t everything?  To someone?”

He grinned.

“Do you want to?” she said.  “We don’t have to.  But if you want to, then I’d like to, and we can.”

“We don’t have to?” he said, like he hadn’t thought of that.

“Of course not,” she said, surprised herself.  That he’d assume she’d make him.  “Not if you don’t want to.  Not if it’s going to upset you, or put you off me, or anything like that.”

“I don’t think it will.”

“Not anything at all?” Lizzie said, wanting to be sure.

Craig shook his head.  “I think I liked watching you.”


“I think I liked watching you,” Craig said slowly.  “Almost more than having her do me.”

Lizzie thought about that.  “You just want to watch?”

“I think I do.  At least at first.”


“Is that okay?”

“Um, yeah it’s okay,” she said.  She smiled, kissed him.  “Of course it is.”

“So shall we?”

It took her a moment to realize.  “What, right now?”

“Why not?”

Lizzie was surprised, but willing.  She got her phone, and thought about who to ring.  Someone she trusted.  Someone who wouldn’t do anything weird, or act like this was unusual, and put Craig off.  Probably just head, she thought.  She should start slow, like with Neil and Ester, let him make sure he really wanted this.

In the end, she decided on one particular old friend.  She rung him, and said, “I’ve got a new boyfriend who likes to watch me with other guys.”

“Okay,” he said, because he knew a little bit about her.

“So,” she said.  “Um. Want head?”

And Craig sat on the couch and watched Lizzie blow that friend, and Craig seemed to like it.  To like just watching.  So two nights later, Lizzie picked up a stranger in a bar and fucked him in her bed while Craig sat on a chair and watched.  The guy hadn’t seemed to mind, once Lizzie had explained, and Craig seemed to like that too.

She lay there afterwards, and Craig hugged her, and she asked him several times if he was okay.

And each time he said he was.

Lizzie was pleased.  She was surprised too.  She’d found someone kinkier than she was.