The One Time She Managed


Emma couldn’t deepthroat. She wanted to. She quite liked giving blowjobs, and she got why it was nice for the man she happened to be with if he was all the way in her mouth, and she wanted to be able to be nice like that. Most of the time she wanted to, anyway, although less so for the men who seemed to think her not managing was a terrible failing on her part, and something she ought to fix.

Mostly she wanted to, though, and she wished she could, but she just couldn’t. She always gagged as soon as she tried. It bothered her sometimes, although she didn’t quite know why. Just once she’d like to have managed it properly.

It didn’t especially matter though, since she seemed to end up with women more often than with men, and when she was with women being able to stick things down her throat didn’t mean nearly as much as it did with men. She was with woman a lot. She’d always thought she liked men for relationships and woman for occasional sex, and she’d also never really felt ready for a relationship, so she tended to be sleeping with women. Then, to her surprise, she met Amanda, and realized she was in love, and so ended up in a relationship with a woman after all. Amanda was sexy and pushy and rough and smart and everything Emma wanted in someone to love.

Amanda also liked to fuck Emma with a strap-on sometimes. In case Emma needed reminding what she was missing, Amanda said, teasing.

Amanda was fucking Emma like that one night, when, just for a joke, Emma thought, Amanda grabbed Emma’s hair and pulled Emma’s mouth onto the dildo. It was a big dildo, a cock-sized one. Emma opened her mouth, and sucked, and Amanda kept pulling her forward.

Amanda pulled, so the dildo slid over Emma’s tongue, and to the back of her mouth. Amanda kept pulling, and the end of the dildo went down Emma’s throat. Emma was a little surprised that she didn’t seem to be coughing. She’d never managed to get this far before, but she seemed to be coping, so she let Amanda keep pulling her. She swallowed, because she knew how to do this in theory, she’d just never made it work in practice. Even though, surprisingly, this time she was. She swallowed, and pushed forward, and Amanda kept pulling her hair. Emma let her pull, and slid her mouth until the dildo was all the way down her throat, so her nose was pressed against Amanda’s tummy and her lips against the base of the dildo.

Emma was quite impressed with herself, even though she could feel herself starting to want to gag. She wanted to, but she made herself not. Since she hadn’t yet, she told herself, she ought to be able to manage to just stay here, if she was careful. She distracted herself from her throat, and how it was feeling quite odd. She thought about Amanda instead. She felt Amanda’s hands on her hair, and breathed in the smell of Amanda through her nose, and felt all sexy and wanting because of smelling that smell. The smell of Amanda, and also the latexy, leathery smell of the dildo and harness.

Emma breathed in, and then realized she actually wasn’t. She couldn’t actually breathe, not inhale and get air, with the dildo down her throat. She slid backwards a little, quite suddenly, until she could breathe again, before she panicked. She breathed in through her nose, and was relieved to get air. She breathed in, and then she let Amanda pull her forwards again.

Amanda fucked her mouth. Emma sucked. She slid backwards and forwards. Amanda held her hair, and moved her, and seemed to be watching what they were doing. At least, Emma hoped Amanda was watching, and appreciating what Emma was managing to do for her.

Emma did for a few minutes, but then the urge to cough got too strong. She pulled back, lurched backwards, and coughed suddenly. She had a coughing fit, while Amanda stroked her back, coughing so hard her eyes watered a little. She sat up and wiped her face, where tears had dripped, and then said, a little hoarsely, “I can’t believe I just did that. I never managed to before.”

“I’m impressed.”

“You should be.”

“I am.”

Emma smiled. “Maybe you should give it a try? And find out just how impressive it is?”

“Um, nope,” Amanda said, grinning. She was pretty firm that she wore the strap on, not Emma.

“Still,” Emma said, proud of herself. “I never have before. And now I did. I feel proud.”

“I said I was impressed.”

“You should be. I am.”

Amanda leaned over, and kissed her. “I’m impressed.”

“You’d better be,” Emma said. “Because I honestly am with myself.”

“I know. I can see.”

“I’m glad I managed to, finally.”

Amanda smiled.

“Although,” Emma said, considering. “I’m also sort of thinking what a waste that was, doing it right now. Like all the times I could have managed to, since a guy would have appreciated it so much more than you.”

“I appreciated it.”

“You couldn’t feel it.”

“True,” Amanda said, and turned Emma over onto her back. “But I’ll feel this.”

Emma grinned, and kissed her, and then they started to fuck.