Watching the Commonwealth Games


Olivia was looking in her wardrobe, trying to decide what to wear to work. She pulled out a dress, and stared at it, thinking. “The Commonwealth games are about to start,” she said to Josh suddenly.

“They are.”

“Were you going to watch them?”

“I don’t know, I mean, it’s just…” He looked over. “Oh,” he said. “You mean watch them? Like the World Cup?”

Olivia shrugged. She looked at another dress, leaving it on the hanger.

“Do you want to?” Josh said. “Watch them like that?”

“I don’t mind,” Olivia said, suddenly breathless with excitement. “We could. I mean, if you wanted to.”

“With other people?” he said.

“Yep. I assumed.”

“The same people?”

“Or others, if you liked.”

“Oh,” Josh said. “How many others?”

Olivia shrugged again. “I don’t mind. Whoever you like. As many as you like.”

She couldn’t quite believe she’d just said that. Josh didn’t seem to be able to either. “As many…” he said.



“Just if you want to,” she said. “If you want me to.”

“I think I do.”

“Good,” she said. “So organize it then.”

He did. Two nights later, after work, people came around to their house. A lot of people. She heard the doorbell, and voices, and sat in the bedroom trying to count how many there were. Two or three at first, she thought, then just more and more. Five, maybe eight or ten. She was a little shocked at Josh. She was a little shocked at herself, for not being more shocked.

Josh came into the bedroom, and said, “We’re ready.”

Olivia nodded.

“There’s athletics on tonight,” Josh said. “On now. That’s why I said tonight. I thought the bets might be quicker with quick races.”

“Oh,” Olivia said. “Yep, that makes sense.”

“And how you like watching athletics….”

She looked up, and grinned. He teased her about that sometimes. She watched runners when she saw them, partly for the lean muscled bodies slippery with sweat. She thought about runners and men and what she was about to do. She thought about ten men in the lounge, waiting for her. Ten men she didn’t know.

She stood up, and turned around, and touched the zipper of her dress. “Help me with this,” she said.

He came over and pulled at it, making sure it was up.

“No,” she said. “Down.”

He hesitated, momentarily confused, and then he did. He unzipped it, and she took it off, and hung it back up.

“Okay,” she said. “I’m ready.”

Josh looked at her.

“What?” she said. “It’ll save time.” She didn’t have underwear, because she hadn’t seen the point in bothering. She just had shoes. And a clip in her hair.

“I suppose it will,” Josh said, grinning.

She went into the lounge, and people looked. Men looked. They stared, flatteringly. There were nine or ten men there, more than she’d ever imagined.

She looked around, and found someone she hadn’t seen before. She walked over and said, “You know how this works?”

He swallowed, then nodded.

Olivia looked at the TV. There was a sprinting race about to start.

“Pick someone,” she said. “If your one wins, I’ll blow you. If anyone else does, you finger me.”

He nodded, and said a country. Olivia took his hand, and put it on her leg, and moved it slowly, stroking. He was looking at her pussy, at her chest, and she was wet, ready and excited. They both waited. Everyone waited. It wasn’t long to wait. These seemed to be heats. They were being organized quite quickly.

They race began, and was over, and someone else won, not who the guy had picked.

Olivia smiled, and slid his hand up, and onto herself. He touched her, rubbed, and slipped a fingertip inside her. He didn’t seem especially upset to have lost.

He rubbed her, and already another race was being organized on TV. Olivia looked at the guy next to the one fingering her, and said, “Pick someone?”

He did, and he lost too.

She shifted over. She shifted around the room. She went quickly, like the races were going quickly. She was fingered a lot, often fingered by one guy while the next already had his hand on her leg. She was fingered by five men, or six, before someone actually guessed right.

Josh’s friends weren’t especially sporty, Olivia supposed. They weren’t sporty, and these were trickier bets too. All the same, if it was her choosing, she’d have probably just been picking Jamaicans or Kenyans each time. They didn’t know that, though, and so they lost for a while.

Eventually someone won, and Olivia was pleased. She’d been feeling like she wanted more than just fingers anyway. She leaned over, and kissed him, and licked his neck. She knelt in front of him, while the room went still and quiet, watching. She undid his jeans, and licked his tummy, and then the skin right in the fly, as it opened. She made a fuss of doing it. She was naked in a roomful of men she was probably going to fuck, and he was the first, so she made a fuss. She licked his balls, and sucked them too, and kissed the end of him, and his hands, and his thigh. She licked all over, and took her time.

Only then, when he was desperate, when they all were, did she suck his cock.

She sucked him for a while, then looked up at the screen. “Okay,” she said. “How about doing this another way. How about low lanes or high. Like lanes one to four against five to eight.”

“There’s ten lanes,” someone said.

“You know what mean,” Olivia said. “And you go last for being a smartass.”

They guy looked surprised.

“Not really going last,” Olivia said. “But don’t be a smartass. Just make a bet.”

She felt sorry for him, and let him go first. He actually won, and she sucked him for a while, and wanted to smile at how that had turned out.

They kept making bets, but Olivia was starting not to care. After a while she wanted just to fuck, and be licked, and told them to sort out who and why as long as she got some too.

They did. For a while, she got oral. They were being considerate. Then later, she had a lot of sex. She bent over the end of the couch, and the took turns fucking her. They made bets with each other, instead of her, betting about who got to go next. There was a queue waiting to fuck her, and bets being made with her as the prize, and she liked that, she really liked it.

She lay there, on her front, and had sex with them. With a lot of men, without being able to see who.

Someone sat beside her, on the couch, beside her face. She looked up, and saw Josh.

“I can suck you,” she gasped, assuming that was why he was there.

“No,” he said, and seemed surprised. “No, not that.”

She was almost a little disappointed. She would have liked how that felt. Sucking him, pleasuring him, doing that for him, while all these men took turns with her.

Instead, Josh just sat beside her while she fucked them, and that was nice too. It was sweet, actually, almost nicer. After a while, he began to stroke her face as she lay there fucking, and then a little later, her back too. He held her hand, and stroked her back, while she had sex with ten men.

She fucked for a while. Josh kept stroking her back, but now he wasn’t being completely thoughtful. He stretched, and reached down, and slipped his finger into her ass.

Other men fucked her, while he fingered her ass. That was nice too. It was sexy in its own way. She looked up at him and grinned. The other guys must have liked seeing her like that. They were coming a little quicker now, she thought.

She could feel their stickiness all over, between her legs. Some of them had condoms, she thought, but some, the ones who’d done this with her before, they were just fucking her, and coming inside her, and making a mess.

She felt them, and wanted them, and wanted this, and looked at Josh.

He slipped another finger inside her ass.

She watched him, a little nervously.

“Do you want to?” he said.

She hesitated. She knew what he meant. She couldn’t manage anal often, but she liked it when they did.

“Okay,” she said.

Josh looked past her, down her back. “Go on,” he said to someone. “But be gentle. Be slow.”

The guy there moved his cock. He took it out of Olivia, and put it back inside her ass. Slowly, deliciously slowly, so it didn’t really hurt. He was lubed by her wet, and by all the other men who come inside her’s semen. He was slippery and hard and she gasped as he filled her.

She lay there, and looked at Josh, and had anal sex with men she didn’t know. She had anal sex with men she didn’t know, using other men’s semen as lube. After a while they rolled her on her side, and she had sex with two of them at once. Both of them inside her, fucking her together. She didn’t hurt. She didn’t feel uncomfortable. She had sex with two at once. She couldn’t quite believe she was doing that, that she managing to, but she was.

Those two men came, and that gave her more lube, and she had sex with two more. It was self-replacing lube, in a way, she thought. It never wore out and it didn’t rub away.

Someone had switched off the TV, and they had stopped pretending they were making bets. It was just an orgy, Olivia being fucked. She had sex with everyone, and she wasn’t even sore. It had been a good evening, she thought. It had worked out well.

The last guy she had sex with was Josh, and with him she made love. She held him and kissed him and he stroked her gently, and everyone else in the room watched them together like they were together on their own, and that was nice too.